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Re: BradTGIF

Hey Brad, just saw the numbers for the weekend and it looks like you came up on the short end of our little Hellboy bet. It came in at 23.5 million, in case you were wondering…

I’ll assume my bottle of the Kat is on it’s way :O)

…For those of you who dont know what I’m talking about, I bumped the orig. thread.

just hope he doesnt put some rat poison in your bottle.


“Iam”…at least then I’d definetly “FEEL” something when I take the supplement lol


As I hang my head in shame…

Il Cazzo, you’ll reap the benifits of an ego clouded mind.

PM me your address and your prize will be sent post haste.


70m opening weekend would have been insane. Hellboy still faired extremely well.

Brad in my post Juno hangover I searched the net for the results.

Although it did not do what you had guessed -it did out sell the Rocks movie to make it to #1!

hey…il cazzo…I thought I flushed you this morning…hahah

Yeah it was a kickass movie, I saw it twice to back my own cause…

going to have to file the wager into the “what the hell was I thinkin” file.