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I have been seeing an ART practicioner for close to a year for pain deep within my left pec. Initially he thought it was caused by a slight tear that happened in the past and scar tissue build up. However it has failed to really respond to the treatment. It is always sore and feels like a painful pulling feeling when i press or do a fly movement. It does not impair function. Last week he thought ,and confirmed by Xray, that i may have autolisis of the distal clavicle- basically a common problem in which the end of the clavicle is grinding and slowly being worn down. This causes pain in the region usually in the shoulder. In my case he thinks that it may be causing pain in my pec since the pec minor has attachment in that area. Looking for feedback from anybody with experience with this kind of thing or those with clinical experience with this.

no clinical experience

but take a look at bowen technique

if youre not getting results with what your doing do something else :slight_smile:


Anyone else on this?

bump please

You said that it has not responded to treatment thus far. What type of treatment have you had?


Ive been geeting ART on the pec and surrounding tissues. However, the dr now thinks by the pain is caused by the autolisis not a muscular problem. There is no real treatment for autolisis other than excising the end of the clavicle with surgery which drs. had opted not to do on me before (when i had it scoped for scar tissue).