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To make a long story short my TRT is not going smoothly and so being restless i got curious to take another look at one of the studies I posted up on Eloos scholarly articles thread. The point: While this study did not find any difference in the impact of changing the dosage of the AI from 2mg/week to 7 mg/week on

Estradiol, it DID find a rather significant difference between the two regimes in terms of bioavailable T- 7 mg/week being rather higher. The question: For thems of us who suspect that we feel stupid, lazy and unhappy because of Estradiol might not the improvement in T/E RATIO afforded by the 7mg/week protocol benefit us?

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On TRT, your HPTA is shut down. High amounts of SERM or AI can stimulate the HPTA by creating very low E levels sensed buy the H+P. But that may not happen while on TRT and whats the point? TRT will have high T already. AI with TRT is to improve the T:E ratio, not to act like a higher dose of T.

The E levels one would have to achieve with AI which are very low… which would also kill your libido. That is not a valid target.

Take small amounts of AI to improve the ratio. Take more T if more T is needed. High amounts of AI might do as you suggest, but to do so, E would have to be low enough to then create health risks.

What you read about how normal males respond to an AI has very little of value when dealing with TRT.

HCG will also contribute to T levels.

To expand a bit on what KSman said, what many people seem to forget is that when you first start on TRT, you body is presumably still making some T and so the exogenous T you add has more of a boost than it does a few weeks later when your endogenous production has shut down. In other words, after a few weeks, the loss of your endogenous T could bring your levels back down to where they were when you started, so your initial dosage amount is no longer sufficient to actually raise your T levels above where they were when you started.

Lowering your E isn’t the same thing as raising your T.

As I remember, your initial response to TRT was very good, right? Well that means that higher T was what you needed and there is no getting away from that.

You’re walking a tightrope here and you need to tread lightly. You read an article and you’re ready to triple, no… you’re ready to MORE THAN TRIPLE your dose of AI. Man, that kind of shit is exactly what got you into this mess.

There’s a concept you need to understand to your core. It’s called homeostasis. All biological systems resist change, but there is another factor called hysteresis which means the reaction to change isn’t immediate. Dumping T into your system is immediate and some of the results will be immediate, but some of the results will take longer to manifest and so you have to wait for them and then slowly dial in your response.

What you’re trying to do is create a new balance point and that takes finesse, not heavy handedness. TRT and instant gratification don’t go together. Be cool brother, this ain’t a video game.

The new cutting edge ideas are to never allow the body to shut down its natural T output - this is maintained by adding in hCG.

hCG is also doing some miraculous things as well, like improving erectile function and bloodflow in genital area, increasing T and improving mood. So if your not using hCG, it may be the missing puzzle piece.