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Rds63799: How Do You Brain?


So I've been tracking your progress on these boards for a few months now, and I can't help but notice the polished fleshy complexion of the insides of your scalp, what kind of supplements do you use to get that wonderful shine? And what kind of nutritional protocol are you running to keep it as lean as you have for so long?

I've seen you help a lot of beginners really thicken up their cerebellums, and I was wondering what kind of training history that neural cortex of yours has been through over the years. I guess I'm looking to take my grey matter to new levels, and any advice we might be able to pick out from this thread might help a lot of other wannabe geniuses improve their chances for competing in professional brain-building in the future.

Now it's all down to you Einstein!


Fuck brainbuilding! It's all about Synapfit!


Pfft, you give any kind of synapfitter a complex coding algorithm and 90.6486% out of ten a parietal-lifter will be able to more efficiently resolve the solution!


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You're all talk, I bet you're just some kid with a rat brain sat in his scientist's basement that can't even factorise seven digit prime numbers. You probably don't even know how to function in Base 10 computer mechanics. Theorise at me bro!


well firstly, thank you very much for the shout out! I don't really feel I deserve this as there's guys on the forum with much bigger and stronger brains than me.

The picture in my avatar was taken a while ago now; I was at about 75% skull when that was taken, which is the condition I try and maintain year round. I don't see the need to bulk your head up excessively just to remove the scalp later and see that despite your head filling out XXL hats, you don't have half the grey matter you thought you did. That's why loads of dudes with big heads are scared to cut.

Supps wise I just use the usual fish oil, vitamin D and ZMA. The fish oil in particular keeps my sulci shiny and full looking, and I definitely notice myself getting a bit flatter if I stop taking it for a while.

Honestly, training-wise I don't think there's anything too much I can teach you as my genetics are good and keep my brain at about 60% fat without any LISS or calorie counting. When I first started training I bought into the whole idea that you didn't need direct work for the temporal lobe so I've been training it twice a week to try and get it to catch up.

My basic training philosophy is

-stay in school
-don't do drugs
-go to university
-read books

I try and read something 5 days a week and modulate intensity, so I'll have a heavy literature day, then a light reading day and go on like that. I take weekends off from training usually and'll have a cheat day where I read something trashy.

any other questions just ask


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Isn't worth a thing if you can't train yourself to lucid dream, and nobody hits a 2 hour total in under a year, takes work and dedication to get enough neural programming to lucid dream for that long.


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Did you really mean cerebellum? Or did you mean cerebrum?


Are you natty or are use using that creatinez to help your cognitive function?