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RDL's & 5/3/1 BBB


Hey Jim,
I know you are adamant about doing the plans as written but is there any problem with doing RDL instead of regular deadlift? I know from a strength perspective the deadlift is better but I seem to respond better to RDL’s. Maybe do deadlift as main lift and RDL as assistance on squat day? Or stick solely to deadlift? Thanks for all you do


Not Jim, but I don’t see anything wrong using RDL or SLDL for your deadlift supplemental. If you feel it is important - go for it.

I have also actually thought of moving onto something similar after my current program. Now when my dl has gotten relatively “heavy” (+500 lbs), even the supplemental work takes its toll at times.


I used RDL in the Simplest Strength template for several cycles and felt it really helped. The 3x10 and 3x8,8,6 weeks also really helped with grip. There were weeks where my grip was screaming for the last reps. Months later, my grip strength dramatically improved.


I train variants of movements every week and I use the rdl or sldl as a main from time to time. Its all about how you program them. Shouldn’t be an issue imo