RDL Range of Motion

im curious as to how far down you guys go on your rdl’s? personally i perform then on the ground and go down until my upper body is parallel to the ground. then i see people up on these platforms going way below that. i have always felt that going below parallel puts the stress on the low back and takes it away from the hamstrings. your thoughts?

arch your back hard, and go about mid shin, or whenever your hamstrings feel they might rip off.

Depends on flexibiltiy, generally when the back rounds thats the end of ROM

Landon is right. It’s also determined by flexibility, of which I have none. However, my flexibility improves as I get into my sets of RDLs – I may start going to only just past my knees, but by the last rep I’m at mid-shin. I believe this is known as PNF stretching but I’m not sure. Someone who knows more about physiology might confirm this.

What you see people doing on platforms, are Stiff Legged DL. The two lifts are different.

A RDL is done by moving the hips and ass back as far as possible. A good way to learn is with just the bar. Stand about a foot away from a wall, move hips back until ass touches the wall. Stand up take a half step forward. Move hips back until ass touches the wall. Repeat until you can no longer touch the wall. For the next set put some weight on the bar and stand a half step back from where ou could no longer touch, and do your set.

A SLDL is done by bending at the waist and stretching the hamms.

The ROM for the RDL differs among lifters, but somewhere around parallel to the floor is about right.

I always thought the SLDL was just where you lower the bar as low as you can allowing the lower back to round out while the RDL should never go less than flat backed to the point where the hips are fully flexed and no more.

I stop just before the back starts to round. I love this exercise, it feels so much safer compared to SDLs.

i pretty much use the names interchangably, as evryone does them slightly diferently.
generally i have thought tho that RDL have a slight bend in the knee (ie soft knees) i find this activates hammies a bit better and saves rooting yor knees.

In stop when the Hams have maxed their ROM, when you go lower you bend the knees more and thus the quads come into it