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RDL Grip Question

When I do the romanian deadlift, my grip usually can’t hold the heavy barbell for too long. My back and hamstrings are fine and it seems as if i could do even more reps with heavier weights, but my hands get tired and can’t hold the weight that long.

Any tips on how to deal with that?

Straps. Get a stronger grip. Hook grip, if you like pain. But straps is probably the easiest solution.

I find that using a one hand over one hand undergrip allows me to handle heavier loads better until my forearms and wrists get used to the strain.

I am not sure if this adversely affects the lift, if it does I haven’t found it noticable.

Keep doing RDL, conventional DL, Snatch-grip deadlift, Power Snatch, pull-ups, L-holds, just anything where you have to hold heavy wiegths.

It took my forearms and wrist about 1 month to get strong enough to hold heavy weights.

I never used straps, just chalk to keep the bar/hands from slipping.

my 2cents…

I like an over under grip personally. I change it around each set to keep the muscles equal but it makes it a lot easier for me to lift heavier.

Straps are just fine for high rep work sure dont use them all the time but use as a tool. For RDL’s go for it