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RDL Form


When doing Romanian Deadlifts for bodybuilding do you guys concentrate on flexing your glutes at any stage of the movement or do you just keep the arch hard and push back so your hamstrings get crushed.

I have read that using your glutes is safer for your lower back but I feel that I lose the arch a little when I use my glutes in the movement because when I flex them my pelvis tilts back a little.


On the descent, push the hips back throughout & get a stretch in the hammies, all while keeping your arch. On the ascent, squeeze the glutes. RDL is a hip extension movement, so it involves the hammies and the glutes. If you don't focus on squeezing the glutes on the way up, then it is very possible you are taking too much of the load on your lower back, making the movement more trunk extension-like, which you don't want.


Ok, thanks for your reply!


I'm a fan of flexing the glutes hard on all sets ramping up to and including the top set, then doing 2 dropsets with a focus on constant tension on the hammies and very little glute.

That said, you should never lose your arch at any point. If you're losing your arch, that might mean you're going too far down for your flexibility/range of motion and you'd need to fix that.