RDL Depth for Hamstrings

  1. When doing the RDL for posterior chain size and strength, what is the proper depth to go to?

I’ve heard some people say just below knees while others say touch weight to the floor.

  1. Would deficit stiff legs be better for hamstring development?

Thank you

I’d take a guess and say the proper depth is whatever your body can go to, pain free, and while keeping good form. Not really a one size fits all.

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Go as far as possible without rounding your back. Once you feel that stretch your good to go.

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Depth is not that relevant. It’s a by-product, not a goal.

The goal is to imagine getting your butt as far as your face as possible. Imagine that your body is a bow trying to shoot an arrow. Your butt is the bowstring and your face is the handle. Pull the string back as far as possible and bring the handle forward.

At no point of the RDL should you actually think about going down. Touch the back wall with your butt, tough the front wall with your face/chest.

ROM will naturally limit itself depending on hamstrings flexibility.