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The RDA DOES NOT in ANYWAY, shape or form consider athletes in its recommendations (who told you this?). The RDA for protein is based on SEDENTARY PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN A TEMPERATE climate. And it is set so that 90% of these people will maintain nitrogen balance. The RDA does NOT account for additional protein needed for exercise and certainly does NOT account for additional protein necessary to build more contractile proteins.

Size: If I might add…the RDA’s for other micro- and macronutrients were formulated as mininmums TO PREVENT DISEASE (e.g. Beri-Beri, Scurvy, Kwashiorkor, Marasmus, etc.), and were not changed for YEARS. (There has recently been a half-hearted attempt). Most of us don’t want to JUST “prevent disease”, but want to maximize our bodies potential. In terms of protein; if you think the Cattleman are a strong lobby, you should see the efforts of the “Vegetarian Lobby” (I give it this name because it includes a lot of different groups). Their influence is VERY strong in Washington…Just wondering…do our Assie friends and those “across the pond” have the same issues with their regulatory bodies? (The “Mad Cow” issue in the UK has been interesting but confusing…)

Oops…our AUssie friends…(sorry, mates…:)–!!!). (What’s the word for “screw-up” in Australia?)

just for once i would like to see an athlete’s RDA–a complete list of what weight trainers (or any other type of athlete for that matter) should be getting in their daily diets…now i know everyone who reads t-mag here is nutritionally saavy and knows how to get the extra amounts of vitamins and minerals they need, but wouldn’t it shock everybody if the govt came out with a reccomended daily intake list for us that wasn’t geared toward the obese couch ornament? well, never mind, the FDA would probably screw this up, but it would be cool to see a guide like this just as a formality.

Go to ISSA’s or Fred Hatfield’s web page. They have a listing of Optimal and Perfomance intakes. Very helpful info.