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Rchristensen's Training Log

Alright…Here we go.

A little background on me. Have always lifted hard since 15 years old, however have always seemed to be the type of guy that is really dedicated for 3 months than stops for a month. Don’t know why this happens but it is all changing.

In High school was the chubby-strong type who didn’t care about looks as long as I could lift heavy weight. Played 3 sports and stayed in ok shape. Once I got to college I put on the weight like so many people however continued to lift on 3 months off one. Would bounce between good shape and bad shape ranging from 185-230 lbs.

Summer 2010 got a job mapmaking for a county Land Conservation department (internship). Never really cooked for myself and didnt lift, long story short gained 35 pounds. Started lifting hard again during the school year but quit all summer. Now work as an Insurance agent and have been getting back into lifting.

Really let myself go currently at roughly 238, which is actually down 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Working with my friend who is also a member of t nation and starting to improve.

However just had surgery last Thursday, but the DR says im good to get back to it slowly. Oh well just a minor road block.

Pics to come shortly.

Currently training 6 days a week

Day 1: Chest/Tri
Day 2: Back/Bi
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Shoulders
Day 5: Arms
Day 6: Weak area

Every day is followed by 20 minutes of moderate cardio. Any critiques are welcome, actually needed. Want to get to around 210 by years end. Like I said I will try to elaborate more after workouts.


Finally got back into the gym after almost 2.5 weeks left. Lets just say i was more than a little disappointed. Feels like I am starting over again, but that is okay you got to start somewhere. I used lighter weight and tried to focus on good form, but generally just felt weak. The workout was as follows.

Warm up (50% max concentrated on form and speed)
4 sets of
Bench, Leg Press, Dumbbell press and Lat pull downs (all in a super set)


185x13 185x12 185x11 185x8 135x10
Incline DB press
50x12 50x12 50x10
Nautilus fly
120x12 120x12 120x12
Cable cross overs
Decline fly
Push ups

10 minutes of stair climber, 15 minutes treadmill incline walk

Really no scheme to the workout and it is not my normal split, however it was my first time back and I decided to take it easy doing Very light weight and only one muscle group per day this week.

Kind of a disappointing workout, but like I said I am still very happy to be in the weight room again.

Just for a little idea those bench numbers are usually what I do with 225. Any comments are welcome

Whats up? Getting back with the workouts at least that has to feel good. How is the weight loss coming even with the surgery?

Gonna be killing it i know

Ryan the weight lost has stalled, but its slowly starting up again…thanks man definitely going to hit those goals.

Today’s workout Back:

Started with the same warmup as yesterday

T Bar rows 4x10
Back extenstion 5x10 including warmup
Supinated pulldown 4x10
Straight arm pull down 3x10
High pull 3x10
One Arm Row 3x10
Good mornings 3x10

Back felt good so I did a little bit extra work. All the lifts were with fairly light weight but it felt great to get a decent workout in.

Took pics last night will get them up ASAP, man have I got fat but anything for motivation.

Leg Day

Was a good workout…Like all of the other days this week it wasn’t to heavy but I got a great workout out of it.

My Warm up was the same as the other two days, great way to start (leg warm up is leg press)

Followed by

Front Squat
Overhead Squat (for lack of a better description)
Dumbell RDLs
Leg Extension
Leg Curls
Seated Calves superset with lunges
Standing Calves

20 minutes on the Stair Climber

Great workout body starting to get used to it!

BOOM thats how you dominate a leg workout

Chest Tri Today


Leg Press
Overhead Press
Leg Curl

Superset 3x6


Floor press (dumbell) 60x10 75x10 75x8 75x8
Decline Press (slow reps) 155 4x10
Superset with Incline Dumbell 55 4x10
Cable Curls 50 4x10
Fly Machine 105 4x10


Skull Crushers 75x10 85x10 85x10 65x10
One arm behind back extension 25x10 20x10 20x10 20x10
Dips- 4x15
Superset 3 sets of
Supermans, Pressdowns from knees, knee presdowns no rope spread, presdown v bar, reverse pressdown

Good workout back to the normal routine, going hard this week and loving it. Checked on weight loss. Only 2 pounds since surgery which isnt to bad because i didn’t do to much over the break. Time to kick it in high gear though, expecting big losses!

Back/Bi day today

Started with the same warmup as yesterday


Rack pulls 225x8 315x8 405x5 405x5 500x2 315x5 225x8
Good Mornings 115 3x10
Superset with bent over rows 135x10 155x10 175x10
High pulls 50x10 50x10 50x10 40x10
Supinated pulldowns 95 3x10

Might have mixed in a lift or two but I cant remember


Straight bar curl 65x10 75x10 75x10 65x10
Hammer Curls 30 3x10
Preacher Curl Machine 3 sets of 10
Rope Curl 45x10 55x10 55x10 20x10

Great workout with a huge pump. Ended with 20 mins on the eliptical. Intensity keeps going up. Would love having a workout like this every day.

Hitting some serious volume. LIke it. Workouts are looking good.

How high are your rack pulls?

Rack pulls are at roughly knee height. By the time that I actually start the lift and get in position it ends up just above my knee cap. This Rack Pull was a lot weeker than before my surgery but i concentrated on form a lot more this time. Had a problem with my wraps slipping and probably could have pushed out 500 a couple more times but more or less got annoyed by the wraps.

Volume is high, just feeling a huge burst of energy during the workout. At the same time i have lost 4 pounds in the last weak maintaining semi strict on the diet (superbowl cheat). Feel like i can drop 20 lbs by early march definitely shooting for that.

Starting at a higher BF allows to drop pretty fast initially. The lower the BF gets the slower the process will go.

Good to use that energy and crush some weights. Just remeber energy might not always bee that high and dont pound yourself into the ground trying to mainain an extremely high volume of weights and cardio.

the hardest part will be the shift in diet and sticking to that but that IMO is also the most important part. People over estimate how much they are actually burning in the gym and 1 decent sized muffin(or something) can completely wipe out the calories that were burned during training.

Leg Day

Same Start as always

Front Squat
135x10 155x10 185x7 155x8 135x10
Overhead Squat 4x10
Dumbell RDL
50x10 60 3x10
Leg Extensions
220 4x10
Leg Curl
135 3x10
Seated calves 4 sets
Standing calves superset with bodyweight lunges 3 sets

Good workout. Need to find a comfortable way to hold the bar in front squat. For not liking or caring about legs that much this workout went by pretty fast.

Chest day

Warmup same as always but 4 sets of 5 reps

Bench 205 3x10
Decline 155x10 185x10 205x8 135x10
Incline Flys 30 4x10
Cable Flys 4x10


Skull Crushers 75x10 80x10 85x10 85x10
supermans 80 4x10
Rope pulldowns superset with reverse pulldowns 3 sets
100 bench dips

Another solid day plus a good dr visit diet a little weak but will pick it up

Back and Bi

Same warm up as yesterday

Rack pulls 225x15 315x10 405x8 465x6 315x5 225x10
Low Row 120x10 135x10 135x10 120x10
High pull 80 4x10
Supinated pulldown 105 3x10


Straight bar curl 65x12 75x10 85x8 75x19 65x12
Seated hammer curls 25 4x10
Preacher curls 65x10 75x10 85x10
Rope curls 40x10 45x10 50x10

That a boy hitting some higher reps pulls. Not sure why you dropped to 315 to hit 5. WIMP! Naw joking. 405x8 is no joke. Course i am not really strong but big weight none the less.

Getting in there and killing. Keep the diet up and those results will be great.

Chest and Tri

Same warmup however did 5 sets of 4 upped everything 10 lbs

Bench 185x12 205x10 225x8 235x6 165x6 135x6
Decline 165x10 185x10 205x10
Flys 3x10
Cable flys 3x10

Skull Crushers 75x10 85x10 85x10 65x10
Supermans 3x10
Rope pulldowns 3x10
Bench dips on ball 4x25

Treadmill jog 20 min Bike 10 Min

Good workout faster lifting and a little longer cardio


No meals till lunch which was a salad about a cup lettuce one chicken breast and an egg with italian dressing

Supper 2 Quesidilla more chicken and cheese including some marinara

At a ton of life savers mints (addicted) and drank tons of water, the only other drink was a glass of OJ in the evening

Yeah ryan after the 465 that day i did 505 once but not good form and didnt want to attempt more, left that out…felt like id try but I obviously hit my max on volume shown by the 305x5 lol

What was supper 1? I assume if there was supper 2 there should be a 1 preceding lol

Good looking workokut. How is the weight going?

Haha there was only one supper, that supper I had TWO quesidillas. The weight is stable which im not to thrilled about but like I said I have not been the most dedicated to a diet regiman, that is why I’m now posting meals on here!