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RC Nitro Cars


Does anyone else here have one of these fuckers? I just picked one up and it arrived yesterday. I snagged a used Traxxas Jato 2.5 for a song on ebay. All I gotta do is snag some Nitro today and I'm gonna be tearin' it up!

Let's here from some other owners!


I had an HPI RS4-3 back when I was in 9th grade. It was a good time, but like every other hobby, it can become a money pit. I am glad I sold mine.

It will be much more fun if you have a place to race, and people to race against.


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I had a chinese knockoff one, broke a lot, but was fast as hell. Had two speeds.


Yup! got me an MTA4 from a few years ago, spent ages 12-16/17 working in a hobby shop fixing them. Nitro and Electric


"The speed, noise and smell of these things is great" x2


I actually use to own a Kyosho Inferno MP-7.5 which I sold on ebay recently because I just wasn't using it anymore. I got bored of having to constantly re-adjust the engine and how messy it was in general.

But when you get them running sweet and you have the time they are a blast! Enjoy man!

BTW, if you bought it new and you don't already know make sure you run-in the engine properly as stated in the manual because if you don't the engine will not last a year! Also, be sure to change the glow plug before it dies completely to keep the engine running sweet and to reduce the amount of engine adjusting you do.


I used to have an Optima Mid from Kyosho. This thing was FAST.


Nitro and crawlers


my nitro...ahh never mind posting pictures is makeing me angry

its an lst2 if you care.


This is mine. Monster GTR. I love this thing, its fast and reliable. I bring it out with me to the motocross tracks and hit some jumps in between motos.


I have a first generation revo... haven't used it in a while sense its back at home, but they're fun especially if you have a place to race. Our local hobby shop had races every Saturday which was always entertaining. It is def a money pit so be ready


I Owned several but got tired of the engine tuning and carb adjustments. Good times though. My last one was the T-maxx.


This is a fucking waste of money and earth ressource
Even when I was 14 I found this hobby retarded

Grow up kids

after this some posters want to make believe they do something valuable of their life
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What the shit are your hobbies? Monster truck racing and having orgies with VS supermodels?

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I used to have a Traxxis T-MAXX. That thing was fucking indestructible and provided hours of fun.


jasmincar is throwing lots of hate around recently, everything ok miss?


well on another note i'm getting pissed at my NiCD battery b/c it won't charge enough to start the fucker up! i've been charing it for almost 12hrs...if it doesn't turn over today i'm gonna have to snag a new battery. hopefully not :-/

hate hate hate hate hate hate!


Don't feed the trolls.

Lol I just told a friend about this guy who I randomly see messing around with RC cars in the parking lot of my apartments before seeing this thread. They looked pretty nice. I guess this is what he was doing.


This is the sweetest thing in life. I can't wait for winter to come so I can drift in my car. And YES we don't have snow yet!


Fuzzy that is pretty slick! I'm just going to snag a set of swampers for my truck and whip around on some home made snow jumps :slight_smile:

and chase dogs.


I don't have a winter activity, so it's driving fast around corners going sideways lol.

Homemade snow jumps in a truck would be the hella fun!

But ya I always liked RC cars just never really had the money to drop on one.