I just got a Norelco razor that’s waterproof and squirts out the gel. It’s pretty cool but I’m looking for a closer shave. I want one that’s waterproof as well. What are some water proof electric razors that give you guys an ultimate close shave? Or what electrical razors have given you ultimate close shaves in general , even if it isn’t waterproof?

I have always used a real razor (Gilette), as I can get a much closer shave than with an electric one. If you want a REALLY close shave, get one of those old-school razors they have in barbershops. If you don’t cut your throat, you’ll end up with the closest shave ever!

I’d also like the T-forum’s input on this topic. Planning to buy one soon – how are Braun shavers?

Im surprised this topic hasnt exploded with replies. Maybe the rest of the guys of T Nation have good razors and wanna be the only ones with baby ass soft cheeks.

It’s just possible that not many people use electric razors. I know I don’t. I found that they give me a crappy shave and bad razor burn. Not a good combination.

Best shave ever. Get a fog-free mirror for the shower (about $15 at KMart). Get some shaving cream with Menthol in it. Let the shaving cream soak in for about 3-4 minutes while standing in the shower. Then shave with a Mach3. Nice …

I second that most may not use electric shavers. I shave after taking a shower with real shaving cream or soap in a mug and a shaving brush, then use a mach3. Awesome shave!

All hail Mach 3.

Mach3 for me… Never got on with electric…


I use a Mach 3. I’v enever tried an electric, because what happen if I go buy this razor for 150 bucks, use it a few time, and then it sucks? I think I’d be out 150 bucks. Also, what about this Mach 3 extreme, or whatever its called? Is it better?

Mach 3 - Turbo. And yes, it is superior.

mach 3 with hot shaving cream dispensor! would love to get a real barber shop striaght edge

I am all about the Mach 3 too. I have a Norelco that spurts out the gooey load, but I hardly ever use it because it doesn’t do a good job. The only time I use it is before I am going out at night because it’s quick. Why don’t you ask for it for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa? That’s how I got mine.

It’s called the Mach 3 Turbo. It comes with an intercooled ball-bearing turbo. Adds 110hp to your razor. Naw, actually it has these little rubber fins on the bottom. It’s supposed to allow you to go against the grain with less irritation. I would never go against the grain because I have really sensitive skin. I just tried the razors because I get ingrown hairs on my neck a lot, and I thought this would help. Nope, but maybe you can go against the grain. I wouldn’t know tho.

Anyone have any tips on minimizing ingrown hairs? I also have this problem alot on my neck. I use the mach 3 too, but like the convenience of an electric.

I used to have a problem with ingrown hairs since my facial hair is naturally curly. I started using the Neutrogena for Men shaving cream, it’s supposed to reduce ingrown hairs and it seems to be working so far. I also make sure my facial hair is soft (shave right after a hot shower). And this might sound kind of strange, but for the occasional ingrown hair I do get I just hook it with the tip of a sewing needle and pop it out from under the skin.

I used a electric razor for a while, but now that I've switched back over to a normal razor I'm much happier.

The medical term for ingrown hair is Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. I still remember that from bootcamp from 14 years ago. Below is a site that gives some hints on what to do. I highly recommend using the “Buf-Pufs”, works great on the whole face (no acne)

www.skinsite.com/ info_pseudofolliculitis_barbae.htm

I went to that site. It says NOT to use a double or triple blade razor? I tried that once. My whole neck got shredded by the single blade and I coldn’t stop the bleeding for half an hour. I really don’t wanna give up my Mach 3 because it leaves such smooth skin.
Has anyone else tried a single blade razor?

I have used a cheap plastic German single blade razor, and I can testify that it is indeed the best shave I ever got.

I use the good ol’ mach 3, but I do go against the grain. Does a fine job, no bumps, no ingrwon hairs. If you have that problem you should invest in some nice but expensive skin conditioners. They will help alot.

When you said an oldschool razor like in a barbershop, I thought you were just talking about a steel blade that was good for a one time use. A plastic razor from Germany? I used one of those disposable yellow Bic razors, and like I said I was bleeding all over the place. I did go against the grain however. What’s your opinion on the Bic razors I just mentioned?