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Razors: Electric or Traditional


I'm in the market for a new electric razor after a few years of using plain razors. Any brand suggestions? Model suggestions? Or are most of you still traditional blade guys?


narelco is good, i use both still.


I'm a traditional blade guy. I actually found I experienced more irritation from using an electric from all of the rubbing against my face. Plus I never felt I got as smooth of a shave from an electric - like it was never nimble enough to get all spots on my face. I also have a fairly heavy beard, so that may factor in as well.

What traditional blade were you using previously? Is there a reason you are considering a switch to electric?


Try the one with 5 blades on one side and one on the other.

I prefer traditional. Electrics always left my neck irritated.

Now I have the gift of beard so I use a cheap disposable to clean up the neck.


I'm into that gilette vibrating razor. Mach4 power or something like that.

Cuz its just cool!


I'm using the old school Gillette Sensor Excel. I dunno, it just seems to cause more irritation than I remember an electric causing.


I got a factory reconditioned Braun 7526 on Amazon.com about 5 years ago. It's still doing a great job. Retails for over $139.99. Reconditioned = $49.99. Read the reviews.


Far be it from me to help out a Duke fan of all people (GO HUSKIES!), but what about the Mach 3? I found that gave a really comfortable shave.

Also, do you shave with the grain of the hair or against? I used to shave in BOTH directions and my face paid dearly for it. Now that I just go with the grain, so much more comfortable.


I've tried so many and I always find myself going back to a Sensor but using the Sensor 3 blades.

I am currently giving the Fusion (5 blade) a test drive, for shits.

It's pretty WEIRD.


Yeah I was wondering about that one. 5 blades seems like overkill, but I am intrigued by the blade on the back since it can get to spots like right under your nose easier. Did you get the battery one? Has anyone tried any of these battery powered ones? Are they just a bunch of hype or at least half decent?


invest in a good silver tip badger brush and your shaving experience will never be the same again


Im shooting for this model. German made safety razor. I have a similar one now. You cant beat a traditional shave.


Electic is less expensive long term. As for skin irritation, get the right type for your skin.




The perfect shave


This is the beast im after.
Tried to upload earlier but didnt work, a lovely razor and probably too awkward and manly looking for the missus to borrow.


Looks like Merkur 'Futur' Satin finish.

Great Razor!!!


Thats the one!
Im just shopping for a good deal, i know im gonna have to pay for quality but im all for paying less.
Merkur make some awesome male shaving products and since using similar models i can honestly feel the difference.


I read that MSNBC article about the products, but I am curious about your personal experience with these kinds of razors. Is it truly THAT much better of a shaving experience? Any details you can provide? It seems like a great product, but unless I heard from someone else with a very positive experience, it seems like a lot of cash to plunk down.


Mach 3 is the best I've used. It's pretty smooth.


Traditional......Electric razor you have to shave again that night before you go out....sucks.....get the vibrating blade traditial razor....works great...