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Ray Williams Bombs Out at IPF Worlds 2019

Ray Williams bombed out missing 440kg 3 times.

Also, pretty fkn annoying trying to find the stream on Olympic Channel or where ever else. Really not sure what was wrong with youtube.

No idea if that was his first or 3rd or what ever. I assume 3rd. Sure would be nice to have a decent stream to watch. Fkn IPF.

The scoresheet is awesome though.


That’s so crazy to see. He was on an all time high a few months ago.

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Just a week or 2 ago he hit 1000lbs for a double.

Jezza Uepa won with a 972.5kg total. I like him a lot so silver lining there, I doubt that’s how he wanted to get it but I am sure he will take it.

Didn’t he squat 1,080 at the Arnold? 120 more than this. Curious if he was injured to got injured on first attempt

Yeah it’s happens I guess. I really like ray though he’s a cool guy.

And yeah good him man. He showed up that day and did his thing. Can’t hate on a guy for that.

Maybe this is the reason he bombed. It’s like when Kirk Karwoski squatted 1000x2 a couple weeks out and couldn’t beat that for a single at the meet. Ray’s problem is that his training is a bit incoherent and disorganized, he obviously makes progress but I think he would do better with a good coach.

3rd. Something was off… you could tell even on his first attempt on the walkout, super shaky and unstable. Unlocking hips and knees appeared very unstable and hitchy (<< if that is even a word applicable in this scenario). No idea… fried cns… maybe sick… jet lagged… injured…could be anything really.

I heard he lost like 30 lbs going into the meet (sick maybe) and got injured on last warm up. Was hoping to see 500kg but will have to wait till next time

He just needed a good handler to tell him to open at 400kg and he would’ve won the SHWs

My first thought when I saw the video was that he looked smaller than usual, that could definitely explain it.

And someone to stop him from going for big PRs too close to the meet. A guy that big and that strong is going to need a longer taper than the rest of us.

Maybe. Whatever he has been doing so far worked alright up until this one. Might be freak bad luck this time or maybe he has finally gotten strong or old enough that he can’t peak that way we’ll anymore

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