Ray Williams, 1,000 lbs Raw Squat

No description necessary. This is what powerlifting is about ladies and gents.


Fuck that was awesome


Saw this on Facebook yesterday. Dude is a fucking monster!


Doesnt matter how many times I watch that, Its still amazing!


Great depth, rpe 8 : monster

Raw lifting is the shit

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Anybody else notice he squatted in wrestling shoes

Pretty common footwear choice among powerlifters

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Instead of Beast mode it should be RAY MODE!!!


Anyone know his other lifts and total? Hes getting close to that 2500

No results to be seen yet from the rest of the meet. Will keep an eye out. I think he was deadlifting around 770 in training.

I found it. He went 2380.


Beastly … Gotta put him up there now with the best SHW’s ever. Reinhoudt, Malanichev, Williams… Who else? They might make the top 3.


Another Q-Dog! Those guys are always freaks.

Does anyone know anything about his trainings?


Honestly I don’t. I’ve spoken with him like twice when’s been at the gym. Normally he trains late at night due to school or work I believe.

I know he’s a believer in mastering a certain weight before he moves on. Whether that means taking a 1rm and working it until it’s a 3rm for multiple sets I don’t know.

His psych up game is absolutely amazing though.


Just want to add that ESPN shared the video on Facebook. Lets just admire that for a moment as its about as far exposed our sport will probably get, lol. Also they called it “weightlifting.”


He beat Lilliebridge by like 8 lbs on his total, and Lilliebridge weighs 100 lbs less. I’d probably include him in the conversation… Just saying. And put Josh Morris in the conversation too.


Lilliebridge is a 308’er to my knowlege which is why I excluded him from that particular list. I would definitely put him ahead of Williams though I’m pretty sure he did 1050 in wraps.

Watched it on the tape of the livestream (excellent video quality). They had Ray Williams sign the bar at the end of the meet and I think are planning to put that in the Hall of Fame of some sort. According to the announcers (one of whom was Bryce Lewis), the amazing thing was that his 1005 squat was the deepest of the three (he actually got one red on his first squat).

Ray Williams is the first ever to squat 1000 with just a belt, to a depth no one can dispute. The main announcer said it was the most amazing lift he’d ever seen, besting bench press specialist (googled it, crazy) James Hendeson doing a 700 bench in a tee shirt back when that was more than guys in bench shirts were putting up.

Williams benched 500+ and then deadlifted 800+ (I think the deadlift was also some kind of record as well).

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The thing with eric lilliebridge though he is lighter by a lot his unwrapped squat was only 960 and I’m sure he has been on stuff for years. If ray williams is truly drug free id put his squat over erics. Just my opinion though.

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LOL, nobody is.

They are both amazing lifters.

Hard to compare them not being in the same weight class or competitions and regardless of Rays “supplement” stack he still has to pass drug tests one way or another which is another obstacle that Eric does not have.

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