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Ray Mentzer interview in Ironman

Did Ray Mentzer really squat over 900 pounds for 2? You read everying you can, and then you read this heavy duty stuff and I am like where the hell have I been. Asked what Casey Viator at and he says just some greasy spoon. Huh, am I missing something? Any Heavy Duty Jedi’s out ther?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t be at all surprised
if he had squatted, not in acceptable powerlifting form but in some reasonable kind of gym form, 900 for 2 reps. Ray Mentzer was unusually strong by all accounts.

Don’t know about any of mentzers supposed lifts but I seriously doubt it even if they were ridiculously high (partial reps) nothing indicates his strength levels were anywhere near that. I can tell you that the heavy duty traing concept can work if you are young enough or take alot of gear especially deca as your joints will be killing you from severe overtraining or should I say overstraining. On the other hand if you are focused enough and take enough juice you could get noticable results from training with a brick (with all due respect). I’m trying not to be hypocritical here just saying it takes alot…alot of discipline to go heavy duty and not suffer a serious traing injury along the way…torn rotator,bicep,pec,herniated disc,hip flexor,and the like…that being said there is a place for it as with all systems balance is the key.

Vasiliy Alexeev was rumored to have squatted 900x2 as well & he weighed 365lbs, not 230 or something. I think he’d be more likely to have done it.

Alexeyev probably did 900x2 ass-to-grass, OL-style. If Ray Mentzer did squat 900x2 I’m guessing it was PL style. Still very impressive if he actually did it.