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'Ray for Calf Raises?

I work out at home and use a curled bar for my seated calf raises. Even with a towel, the bar puts a lot of focused pressure on the area right above my knees.

Does anyone out there know of a device for seated calf raises that would work like the stingray/mantaray does for squats? (besides a seated calf raise machine of course)

Just an idea. Put a groove along the length of a 2x4 and rest a straight bar in it. The increased surface area would make it less painful. You could put a towel under it to make it nice and soft. :slight_smile:

I had this same problem. I have a duffle bag full of sand that I liked to lug around for a good workout. I would set that on my knees and do seated calf raises. While it weighs about 100lbs it is a lot more comfortable than a bar. To add more weight just add sand.

Kinetix is correct that you want broader weight distribution. However, I would suggest a dense EVA foam pad similar to what is used for gardening.

hard foam gardening pad did the trick…thanks for the input…

still think a ‘ray type device would be cool for this tho’…

I think that with the abundance of calf-training machines in commercial gyms, that type of training aid would never take off. No offense at all.