RawPwr's Log

Thursday I Workup to easy single 420 box squat @ rpe8
Than did speed singles up to 88% of my box squat I love program I made for squats I do my heavy work on box and do speed work without box both box squat and normal squat feel alot stronger and im less sore so im able train more.

Friday 100% Raw Deadlifts No Belt Hit a pr 1x3 deadlift 460 @rpe 9

Did bench afterwards hit 300 off 2board @ rpe8 did 2x6 with 225 without board @rpe8

Saturday Box Squats workup to a single box squat 425 @rpe 8.5 pr I guess on a low box

Sunday Decide to hit some light deadlifts after my hands tore on 365 my speed felt so fast today to! so I just did a easy 2sest of 3 with 430 no belt and did light bench I bench 290 off 2board @ rpe8 2x6 225 rpe7.5 felt easy today I try new bench warmup I did 2sets 12 lat pulldown