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Raw vs Equipped


how do you guys compare with or without equipment

my stats are
bench 315
squat 525
dead 485
bench 365
squat 600
dead 565


im surprised that gear gave more to your deadlift than your squat


This is a sore subject to talk about.These threads become a raw vs equipped debate.Just a warning man.


bench 220/248
squat 305/363
dead 408/435


Really? People are buying this?


nope borrowed gear.


1000/565/735 ALL GEAR ALL THE TIME





My deadlift sucks dick.




RAW: 700/445/744

Equipped: 660/485/804.... I've got some fucking suit work to do...


Agreed. Who gives a shit either way. As long as there are people in the world who want to do powerlifting competitions, either RAWWWWWWWWW or geared to the fucking max, it gives me hope that not everyone on earth is a total pussy.

All these raw zealots though, if they were really truely devoted to raw powerlifting, wouldnt even train for competitions. Becasue training increases your total.


Hell yeah.I admit I compete raw.Manely because I train alone and no one to teach me gear.But the fact that ass clowns want to argue about it is dumber then hell.Lift raw or equipped who cares. Any body who been at it for awhile knows raw vs gear is like apples to oranges there two different animals. But both have the same goal.Moving the most fucking weight possible.


Raw: 551/380/628
Equipped: 1051/880/1128 *

*I've never competed with gear, but I'm sure I'd get about 500lbs on each lift. This thread is going nowhere good.


RAWWW!!!: 505/385/575
Equipped: 7000/2500/9523.2*

*equipment include hydraulic jack


I'm pretty sure hydraulic jacks are illegal in everything except the multiply untested feds.


You only get 6500 out of your hydraulic jack on squat? Weak sauce. You might want to consider adding a speed day.


These are Contest numbers: USAPL

Squat w/ belt and knee sleeves - 385 (w/ injury)
Squat w/ belt, wraps, suit - 536
Bench, paused no shirt - 275
Bench, w/ bench shirt - 391
Deadlift w/ belt - 440 (with injury)
Deadlift w/ suit and belt - 512



This is for all of those raw lifters that butt in to bitch and moan about geared lifting:

Raw powerlifting is gay.


SQ- 510
BP- 370
DL- 620

SQ- 750
BP- 525
DL- 675


This is a mix of gym and meet lifts:

Raw: 525/390/585
Gear: 826/540/600

Multi-ply gear. I generally get 300+ over my raw squat, 175 over my raw bench, and maybe 25 lb over my raw DL. haha