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Raw Vegan, What a Punk...


Anyone had the misfortune of seeing videos on youtube from "Rawfitchris"? People like this piss me off. I put on all sorts of weight going vegetarian. Lost muscle mass, thyroid problems (soy) etc...

This guy is showing off some decent guns saying "Look what you can do as a Raw food Vegan!!" Only to say, accidentally, that he was 220 /w meat and has been losing mass for the last 10 years. He's selling his "bulking" secrets to people. Pisses me off.

Yeah...I be trolling him. If anyone else gets pissed when idiots like this lie to the public I'd say this guy deserves to have people who know better call him on his crap....My favorite was "Sarcoplasmic bloat" and "muscle made of veggies is higher quality".

Rant concluded. I guess this fails as "Getting a life"....


If being a vegetarian is so bad for muscle, explain how bulls pack on so much muscle eating nothing but grass, smartguy.


LOL I've been tryin' man but my Rumen just isn't keepin' up....


Isn't it because they can digest the nitrogen in the grass or something?

I don't have a problem with vegetarians, but the raw thing seems unsubstantiated by science. Also, even if you choose to be a vegetarian, don't blame all ills on meat.


I concur.
I just avoid the subject.


While I condone taking advantage of stupid people, he's just...wrong about the science.

A much greater crime.

If he can hold on to muscle and feel good eating like food eats, good for him, but pretending that's how he got there and that's all you need is a crock of shit.


Some people think they can get by on air alone. Of course they too tend to cheat every once in a while.

More meat for Pete :slight_smile:

I ate vegetarian for two weeks once, 2 milk, whey, and berry shakes (or yogurt instead of milk), 6 eggs, 12 oz. sockeye salmon. Also veggies and fruit, some nuts, was awesome. Ain't twisting facts great! Of course my first meat meal was a large new york strip steak.


I've never understood how someone can be a vegetarian and eat fish.


You mean this isn't true? Muscles made of meat are higher quality? Where do muscles made of grain fit into the quality scale?


Pesco-Vegetarianism allows for the consumption of fish, where as lacto-ovo allows for dairy and egg consumption. It's basically for people with dietary restrictions that pigeon hole them into not eating certain things aka not vegetarian by choice.

I was lacto ovo while I transitioned from an omnivore diet to my current veganism, it made it much easier to phase things out as I found new sources for my macros.


But I see vegetarianism as a way to show that you respect and don't want to harm animals...so eating fish seems silly. Just tell people "I don't eat beef or chicken because those animals are kinda cute."

I can respect a vegan because they're trying to not use animals for anything, but I know a few people who say they're vegetarian but eat fish. Eggs I can understand too because without a rooster around they're unfertilized anyway.


As I said, its basically for people who get pigeon holed into a certain diet due to allergies or other health concerns or as a transition to being vegan. In some of the vegetarian boards I've visited, there are people arguing that fish aren't animals because they live in the water and thus can be eaten. So you can see that the thought process of most people that include fish in their vegetarian diet is quite retarded to begin with.


You are a retard, they have four stomachs for a start. Other than that they are completely different to you and I.

It is eating meat (in a varied diet) that is supposed to have driven our evolution and made us what we are today.

In my opinion most vegetarians are self righteous dick heads and take every opportunity to tell everyone how cattle etc are treated badly or how meat is now full of growth hormone etc yadda yadda. Yet do they ever listen to how cabbages are grown in tight spaces and often sprayed with pesticide etc only to be ripped away from their family from the ground and chopped up inhumanley often whilst still alive.


I see the vegans say no processed food, no sugar no starches, no meat
paleo no processed food, no sugar, no starches, meat
so me? no processed foods, no sugar no starches seem to be the correct answer


How is this any different from the guys you see on informericals who "got RIPPED on the ABSHREDDER 5000", but you know also happened to workout for years before the ABSHREDDER 5000 ever was created?


Who are these vegans that are saying no sugars or starches?


clowns on food matters, the only vegan crap I've seen
damn movie got me taking vitamin C now


Being ovo-lacto..its been easy to get my protein requirements...and that's with minimal soy. Eggs, whey, greek yogurt, cottage cheese..beans/quinoa, naturally more PB or power butter. Pretty easy. I lost a ton of weight..due to not weight training and distance running..not due to a ovo lacto veg diet. Veganism, I can see being more challenging, but one could utilize hemp protein etc..I'd imagine they'd still have to eat a shit ton more carbs daily to get their protein (through quinoa and beans etc).

I may incooperate fish in the future..or even other meats, now that I read more about self-sustainable grass-fed, humane farming. But..I'd have to get over the mental block about legitimately eating animal flesh..Sounds sad I know..


I've received far more shit from meat eaters in regards to me being vegetarian...I absolutely never tell people I'm vegetarian unless I'm asked or in a position where I won't eat certain food as an explanation. But, I never tell someone they are wrong for eating meat. Instead..I get regularly shit on that I'm a "pussy", "fag", and "Wasting my time" by being vegetarian.


The majority will always mock and ridicule the minority...this is true for everything in life.