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Raw, Unpasteurised milk

I’ve been reading about the health benefits of raw milk
what does everyone else here thingk about raw milk?
should/could it be included in a good clean diet? how would it fit on JB’s don’t diet diet?


What was your source? To be honest, I’m a little skeptical.

  1. Milk is geared specifically for cows. As such humans have a rather noticeable rate of allergies to milk - specifically lactose, and some to albumin. Raw milk will likely contain more of these allergens that are filtered when processing milk.

Like Peanut Butter, Lactose intolerance and allergy to other allergens in the milk may have varying degrees ranging from severe reactions, to mild reactions to unnoticeable reactions. Even if you dont find yourself in bed from drinking milk, it may otherwise affect your well-being and, your performance.

It’s entirely possible I could be wrong, but either way I am not fond of milk at all and wouldnt drink it unless it comes in whey or casein protein powder, lol. It bloats you up like them cows.

If you do drink milk however, and dont mind it, it is a very good source of glutamine (25% Glutamine is present in Milk Protein)(then again so does Whey Protein)

My mom used to make me drink this as a kid, it tastes horrible! I rarely drink milk now, but if I do, I’ll drink the pastuerized stuff, even if it isn’t as healthy! It tastes better.

1) Milk is geared specifically for cows. As such humans have a rather noticeable rate of allergies to milk - specifically lactose, and some to albumin. Raw milk will likely contain more of these allergens that are filtered when processing milk.

Actually, raw milk produces LESS allergic reactions because it contains the enzymes used to digest it. Pasturization kills these enzymes. That’s why pasturized milk goes rancid, but raw milk goes sour.

Pasturization could denature the proteins, making it more likely to cause allergic reactions.

I’m not aware of filtering to get rid of allergins, but homogenization can mess with the fats as well.

Pasturization is nothing more than a cover up for filthy farming practices. If you can find a source from healthy cows, then it could be a great addition to your diet. Making sure it’s from a good source is the important thing.

That’s very interesting Neil, and I certainly didnt know that.

Milk stopped being a part of my diet long ago, but it’s always good to know these tidbits.

Dark Assassin, I think you framed your question perfectly. I, too, have read about and am familiar with the health benefits of raw milk. However, there are a couple of issues. It is illegal to sell raw milk in the State of Florida for human consumption. I can buy it for my dog, but not for myself. And it cannot be sold and/or shipped across (ANY) state lines.

If you have a local dairy, be sure to frame your question properly, “I have a kennel and would like to purchase milk from your dairy in its natural form (unpasturized, unhomoginized) for my DOGS.” I would imagine that the person asking had whelping females?

But separate and apart from the issue of being able to purchase raw milk for human consumption, unless you DO have HEALTH issues that benefit from the consumption of raw milk, there are many here whose BODY COMPOSITION goals would suffer.

For whatever you might consume, natural, minimally processed is ALWAYS better.

Sorry I’m so late on this thread, but in case you still care…




so does this mean we should start sucking on pregnant womens boobs for milk?

There are T-Mag articles that say dietary sources of calcium are good for losing fat. And if you get real milk from grass fed cows, it is MUCH richer in CLA, which is also supposed to be good for fat loss.

I’m really starting to think that raw foods are good for you, and adding in a source of raw protein and fat seems like an excellent idea. But that’s just my opinion.

 I've always thought that raw milk tastes great! If you can find a good Jersey or Guernsey cow, their milk is rich and extremely creamy. Also, it has a slight orange color due to it's high vitamin A content. Apparently, pasturizing destroys alot of this vitamin A. 

 I admit, it tastes different than storebought, but most people I know think it tastes alot better than storebought. If it is still too much for you, try out getting some raw goat's milk. If you get it from a healthy goat, it will taste exactly like storebought, only cleaner. I bought some once from a retarded goat that shook it's head like it had Parkinson's or something amd it tasted terrible! So it's best to check out the milking operation. I've found the best tasting and highest quality comes from cows or goats that have plenty of access to grass and the outdoors. 
 In case you cannot locate a goat or Jersey/Guernsey cow in your area, there is an option. There is a goat farm in Austin, Tx. that has met the FDA's strict quality demands in regard to bacterial count, without having to pasturize their milk. So, it can legally be sold to humans at any state. They ship it frozen (which doesn't hurt the milk at all) anywhere in the U.S. I have checked out their operation and it is very safe and clean. the goats have acres of land to roam and graze. Their website is www.whiteegretfarm.com . Now, their milk is a bit pricey ($15/gallon) but I look at it as a good deal as raw goat milk is the only kind I can digest. I don't use Myoplex or any other MRP's anymore, which I was paying several dollars per package for, as I am gaining all the quality weight this goat milk, so it's not that bad of a deal for me. There is a less expensive option that someone had mentioned. That is getting it from a farm that sells it for pet consumption only. There are several of those online. I found one called www.peacefulpastures.com 

Their milk is significantly less expensive, but I’m afraid they might not be as anal when it comes to quality control.

BTW, here are a few advantages goat milk has over cow’s milk. First, it is MUCH easier to digest. I had read that cow’s milk can take 8 hours to digest, whereas goat’s takes only 20 minutes. It contains much less lactose than cow’s milk, and much more enzymes to digest the little lactose it does contain. It’s higher in protein, fat, vitamin everything, and the good thing about the fat molecules are that they are much smaller than cow’s, so your liver doesn’t have to make as much bile to get the job done. I prefer the taste of raw cow’s milk, and can also get raw cow’s much cheaper, but it is still too hard for me to digest. You can also make buttermilk or kefir out of it (the cultures are found at: www.gemcultures.com) and that makes it even more digestable and more healthy for your gut and body.

I’m with bkern on this one.

I used to work at a dairy and we drank the milk straight out of the cooling tank. I wasn’t working out then so I don’t know if it caued any changes, but it sure tasted better! Store bought milk is water, chaulk, and very little milk. There is so little milk left that they have to add chaulk to make it white again. Everyone knows that boiling anything for an extended amount of time will kill the good along with the bad, especially the protein.

Hey guys, I’m getting some raw milk this weekend. I’ll let you all know how it is!

This brought back childhood memories. When I was a kid my dad used to bring home a 5-gal milk jug full of fresh milk every now and then. We’d drink some right away, then let it settle and skim the cream. Damn that was good stuff.

He took me to his friend’s dairy barn a few times, too. This guy used to fill a glass right from the udder and hand it to me. It’s no wonder the barn cats sit around with their mouths open waiting for a squirt, I wanted to join them. That stuff is just incredible.


why don’t you drink it straight out of the cow…like Tom Green?

gotta back up neil on this one. I have tasted raw milk and it does taste much better to me than regular milk. What could explain the post above is the quality of the raw milk he drank. With that said I have found that I cannot even consume raw milk because of the effect it has on my body. After a couple of days drinking it I smooth out like the michelin man, even though it’s natural sugar, it’s still sugar. I also have similar reactions to fruit.
The other interesting thing to add to what neil said is that all of the reported outbreaks of poisoning from milk consumption in the last 25 years have occured from pasturized sources of milk not raw milk. The funny thing is that the first thing you hear after these outbreaks is don’t consume raw milk. Like neil said, most dairy farmers nowadays use pasturization as an excuse for less than sanitary and healthy farming practices. The actual process of pasturization is so powerful that it kill all the enzymes and does not discriminate between good and bad (like chemotherapy). The only things that can now survive pasturization are the nastiest bacteria whose only enemy are killed off during the pasturization process (hence all the outbreaks from pasturized milk).
If in doubt remember pasteurs dying words “it was not the disease but the terrain”. Pasturization was not used wide scale until the advent of massive dairy operations an it was only used for increasing the shelf life of the product.

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