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Raw Unity Results



Guess I'll start the thread. Scott Weech over 2100 at SHW is astonishing. Disappointing day for Tuscherer, but 2000 raw on a 4/9 day ain't too bad.

Ryan Celli over 1800 at 198, also scary, and a 50 year old Tony Conyers dominating the lightweights. Only one bombout among the men, lots of impressive lifting.

I predict within a few years this will be the premier powerlifting event in the US. Eager to see some videos.


Those are some pretty impressive numbers, across the board.

I would have faired well in the 165's. Too bad I would have probably missed weight by about 110lbs.


The meet was excellent. I thought there was fair judging across the board. No favoritism. A rotation of judges so they could rest. A great head loader/spotter that must have been on a mixture of meth and Ritalin to have been on top of everything for the entire meet without break.

James Searcy only took one squat. Didn't get depth and didn't want to squat any lower raw, so he dropped out.

James Jacobs at 239lbs could have been second if he took his lifts more conservatively. I think he knew he'd have to hit some big pr's to win and ended 4 or 5 for 9. Ryan Celli missed his first squat and last deadlift.

The heavyweights came down to the last deadlift; Scott Smith going in with a 530 wilks and a torn callous, Scott Weech with a 532. They both ended up missing, so Weech took the win. Mike Tuscherer went for about 870 for his third deadlift to tie Scott Smith but also missed.

Taylor Stallings was awesome with a 400 squat and almost 500 deadlift.


I'd heard the name before, but I had no idea this guy was almost 50. I outweigh him by abotu 80-85 lbs and he out-benches and out-deadlifts me. Inspiring.


Im almost completely convinced that PLwatch is the biggest retard magnet on the internet.


I think the Unity Meet is a great idea, but I don't see it becoming the premier powerlifting event. However, I think it has a lot of wild card potential. Unlike big APF/IPA meets or- even more so- big USAPL meets where the same guys show up and dominate regularly, the Raw Unity meet can pull some guy that may be known as geared lifter- maybe even not a very impressive geared lifter at that- who shows up and totals 2100 or 2200 in a belt and knee sleeves.


No way... Nothing can beat youtube.