Raw Uncut Gym Opening in Cape Town

Gym is up and running for about 7 weeks now! Going strong and the word is spreading rapidly!

Still a Personal Training gym only, looking at potentially opening up a membership base but we will evaluate how that goes.

We had to make some compromises because we are in a luxury lifestyle centre, they weren’t quite ready for a no frills approach but we’ve kept it as raw as we can for the moment. Definitely nothing like Virgin Active though!

Looking for some cool inspirational posters to go up and we have monthly challenges going on at the moment. Current challenge - Prowler - as many lengths as possible in 5 mins, a length is 15m, weighted with 40kg plates. KILLER OF NOTE!!! Anyone is welcome whether a client or not to come in and try the challenge!

Whiteboard is coming in the next week or so to keep challenges up to date and leaderboard current!



Duuude! yess! Saw pics of it in the other thread, Fuck yes!
As soon as you start opening up memberships myself, tokyopop and rippedrooster are there! Power rack + prowler, think Id faint Id be so happy lol!


Hell to the yeayeahh!!

Just hit us up if you decide to include memberships and I’m there. Definitely looking forward to this prowler! I might swing by for the challenge some time soon. I could use a good ass kicking! The site also looks great btw.

are you guys above ocean basket and the pizza place? or where in westlaker are u! i live around the corner so i need 2 come see this place!