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Raw Tested Teen Powerlifting Records


I've been looking everywhere and I can not find what I am looking for. Can I get some help? I am interested in looking at the RAW, American and World powerlifting records for teens (19yr olds).

Thanks, Aaron


I think your best bet is to go to various Federation's websites and narrow your search to teen divisions. I just did a quick search and USAPL breaks it down into three different teen divisions. 19 @ 165 is 1213.5 for example.


Most, if not all, federations lists records online. If you want one that's tested, just look up the records of a tested fed. USAPL, WNPF, etc. The records will vary between feds.


www.powerliftingwatch.com should have links to all the feds. here are the records for my fed...http://adaurawpower.com/


Don't worry about records unless you're the all time best . Why? Thirty years ago with primitive gear I knew guys doing more at 165 and 18/19. Drug free . You might have gained 50-75 lbs total with an old z suit .

We had a drug free lifter doing a 400 lb raw bench at 165 at 21 years old at PSU .

You can't claim records unless you know history and the conditions . Just do better for yourself . My son set IPA raw teen world " records" last september . He has been told that around me at least he set federation records .

Claiming a record when someone else did more thirty years ago is silly . Feds that allow knee wraps will increase a total more than the suit , wraps, and shirt would in 1985.


Thanks, but I once heard a saying, "to beat your opponent, you must know your opopnent's weakness". I don't care when the records were set or who set them. To break, you have to know what they are. Bill Gillespie (lynchburge, VA) Bench Press:set 4or5 world records. He had the record at 801. It was beat my someone with like 804. So he knew where he had to go to get it back, so he did 806.. Im not saying your wrong, I just don't agree with you.


This is fucking stupid. If you are doing well you should take a record if you break one. Sure there is probably some one who has lifted more, but why not up the standards for the next lifter in line?


It's not a record if it's a lessor lift than what someone did before . It might be a federation record . It's not stupid . It's the basics of common sense . You can't set a world record in a regional federation with limited lifters .

In 1982 there was one federation . As soon as they split into multiple federations the concept of records went out the window. Now there are 30+ federations with multiple people claiming multiple records . That's where the stupid comes into play .

You want standards to measure your accomplishments
? Go look up the old uspf classification standards . If you're a raw guy nit using knee wraps you might be ond class up . Might be if you're 50-75 pounds under the class . If you're a double ply gear guy you might total and extra 300 + lbs from the old gear . Minus that and see .

It check powerlifting watch rankings or plusa top 100 or top 20 women, teens, or masters .

If your self esteem needs to be massaged by saying you set a record , that's your issue . I've seen meets for thirty years and have seen raw, old time gear , double ply sophisticated gear and differences in weigh ins among other things . I have a knowledge base and experience base to make this claim .

In my first meet I saw a raw 250 bench and 450 deadlift by a 132 19 year old . I think he squatted 400-450 in old marathon suit and wraps . Fifty lbs tops .

I've seen many claims at records less than this for the age and weight .

Without a standard of comparison there are no records except for that federation . Recently a lifter claimed a better bench thsn Rick Weil 's 485 raw at 165. Rick had a two hour weigh in. While he exceeded the lift and he is a great fellow and such , He didn't do it under the same conditions .

In fact his lift might be heavier than 487 if they used exercise plates and not competition plates . My Olympic plates weigh 43.5 - 49 lbs . Most are heavy . He might have made close to 500 in actual weight .

Most here don't know the standards of setting world records back in the day . The equipment had to be precise in measurements for the bench as an example . The weights had to be calibrated . Ivanko is an example . Eiliko is another .


@A Iron Mack - Ok, here's the scoop from someone who's personally held some RAW 220-242 teen records himself, namely me.

There are a few feds who do the raw and drug tested thing. They are:
AAU- http://aaupowerlifting.org/ (under "lift rec" at the top)
ADAU- http://adaurawpower.com/ (under "record section" at bottom of page)
NASA- http://www.nasa-sports.com/Contents%20Page/Table%20of%20Contents.htm
USAPL- http://www.usapowerlifting.com/records/index.shtml

What you're doing is a great idea. I agree, you don't have any conception of how strong you can get until you know what others have done before you. I used to sit at my desk during study hall and go through PLUSAs circling all the meet results for guys in my class. I knew my goals and in the end I eventually beat all those goals by the time I graduated.

I would have never knew what people were capable of unless I saw the numbers in print. If I looked at what the guys in the weight room were doing, I'd think a 275 bench and 405 squat were "strong" when they're really just a joke.

@tom - Uggh, another "back in my day" type. Tom, if the kid wants to set goals for himself he doesn't need anyone telling him those goals are inadequate because "John Kuc did it butt ass naked in three feet of snow with a sinus infection".

Things were only better "back in the day" because YOU were young and strong. The lifting conditions are irrelevant. We lift a barbell for maximum weight, it's not the fucking space program. If you can't see it for what it is, then get off the boards so someone new can experience it without your cynical tarnish.

I hit 620/385/710 - 1715 at 242lb and 19yrs old at the AAU RAW nationals. No knee or wrist wraps, squatted into the hole and I was also piss tested. BIG WHOOP. My records stood in all their obscure glory for quite a few years until the AAU had a split 10 or so years ago and they reset the record books, erasing my numbers with it. Does it bother me that I lifted more as a teenager "back in the day" than the guy that won the open class in the USAPL RAW Nationals last year? No. Should it bother him? NO!

Shooting for records is all just and exercise in goal setting and I sincerely hope this kid has my lifts in the crosshairs or else why bother with a "sport" of powerlifting at all?

Go tear some shit up, Aaron!


@tom63 - "My son set IPA raw teen world " records" last september . He has been told that around me at least he set federation records."

You know, take back what I said. Your own son does well for himself, achieves something noteworthy, and yet you find a way to twist it with YOUR own ego and put him down?

You're just an asshole.


mac - what are your current lifts? You're talking about breaking records but are you close?


Thank you for the support ppl! and My current max at competition is 315, attempted 325 but didnt have the lockout.I can get 325 now however and am shooting for 350 this comming May. My competition doesn't do squat, but we are getting ready to start it. So best i've done in the Gym was 415. But with all this useless info i gave you:

Bench 325
Squat 425
Deadlift unsure, I can do 5 reps with 425 so probley around 450 give or take.

As for I may be close, I may not. But I wanted to see how high the bar is set to push myself even harder.


What weight division are you?


what part of va. are you in?


I enter in 181, but only weigh around 176. And I am from southwestern Va, Small town of Tazewell


Definitely got plenty to go to start smashing records. Focus on short term ones of getting an elite total. Then worry about federation records.