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Raw Steel Cut Oats in Protein Shakes


do you think if i just slammed them in my protein shakes without cooking them that they would just pass like seeds or something or would they probably be broken down and absorbed and be a decent way to get quick complex carbs down with protein?


Evan Centopani puts raw oats in his shakes all the time


Raw rolled oats.


If you want to put steel cut oats you should soak them overnight and add them to your shake in the morning.


Ill try this


Even if you don't soak them overnight but leave them in the shake for some time (30 minutes maybe?) they will soften a bit.

I've had uncooked oats in a shake as a quick breakfast many times. My normal breakfast is the same, just cooked :wink:


I never cook my oatmeal anymore, it's uhh, well it's nasty cooked. I always put it in my shake. I've been steadily gaining weight. I also put evoo in some of my shakes.


make your shake the night before. add oats. refridgerate. next morning take it with you. ?????. profit.


I think if you're going to put oatmeal in a shake ( I think a blender would be better as the oats get diced up a bit) it would be better to use rolled oats as they're getting chopped up anyway and will be easier to swallow than raw steel-cut oats.


Im looking for a lower gi carb. Blending rolled oats would speed digestion. This is why I picked steel cut.


Soaked my oats in water for 6 hours before drinking it. Had to chew every now and again between gulps, but not bad kind of like styrofoam.


Hey guys.
So I tried putting oatmeal in my protein shake this morning. By the time I was done drinking it, all I got was the protein and milk and all the oatmeal was left at the bottom. Any of the oatmeal that did make it into my mouth had to be chewed and wasn't able to be drank.
Something I am missing?

Using the magic bullet and used uncooked minute oats.




Blender and spoons are your friends. Lol or just chug. I didn't even soak my steel cut oats and they still worked.


Blah I gave this up by the way, after a couple days I realized it made me feel like garbage and every time about 3-6 hours id have the worst irritation gas and diarreah ever.


Your probably don't deal with the avenin in oats well. The shit kinda makes me bloated too- I only eat rice/potatoes for carbs lol.


Yeah I let rice go for a long time because I bought into the high gi thing a little too hard and ate wheat or brown rice all the time. Now I eat 5 or 6 cups of white rice or more on high carb days and its not making me fat like I thought it would and my stomach feels way better


Put the oats in first and blend them by themselves into a fine-ish powder. Then add everything else. You won't end up with soggy oat bits, and it actually adds a nice flavor to most shakes.


Uncooked oats doesnt agree with me either.

The high gi vs low gi thing is very overrated.

For starters, it's irrelevant when you begin to combine foods together. Which I believe is the case for you as I dont think you are eating a meal of just rice or just oatmeal.

I replaced oats with kool aid and felt much better for it. On a cut, satiety becomes an issue, kool aid isnt good for that.


Great thank you!