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RAW Stack???


I am doing some research for a paper on a PH cycle and I came across this RAW stack and was wondering if I could get some feed back good or bad.

It this new line all hype or is it the real deal and worth the 3 month cycle?


Pro hormones are GARBAGE!!!!! Fuck just do the real deal if your gonna do that garbage.. Hard as hell on Liver


lol Well I guess that sums up that topic now doesn't it. Thanks for the advise and like I said I was just trying to get some feed back and do some research.


Pinners will always give you that answer, you can great gains from PH and from the real gear just depends whether or not you want to pin your self. Methylated compounds are hard on the liver but they do work. Plus if you don't want to deal with the legality issues with real gear than PH are also they way to go. Here is my take on the Raw stack itself.

I took the original RAW stack and it was awesome, I gained the most on my second month but thats because the old RAW II was a mix of superdrol/Max LMG or something with superdrol but they have since removed superdrol from the formula and changed it, so I would say just spend about 70 bucks for 2 months worth of a halodrol clone like Halo XT from Iron Labs and get liquid nolva for pct, you should get good gains from that cycle.

Cycle info:
Halodrol: 50/75/75/75/75/75 each pill spaced around 5 hours apart.
Cycle Assist: 8 caps per day, spaced atleast three hours from when you take your first H-drol pill.

PCT: Nolvadex 20/20/10/10

That should be a fairly good cycle for you as long as you are lifting hard and have a proper diet, but don't expect to gain much if your not eating right, diet is the most important part!


"pinners" are against pro hormones because they are garbage! Taking a perfectly good compound and changing its makeup to make it legal also changes it effects good and bad...usually just bad. Using real aas has the benefits of tons of research and user history so that one can pretty much predict the outcomes of taking said compounds and can intelligently combat and unwanted sides with proven protocols that work.

Ph are a crap shoot at best.


I have used both aas and prohormones with good results and little sides, gains were about the same and sides were about the same, I was just saying if he doesn't want to deal with the legality issues of aas then PH are the way to go, if he isn't worried about that than aas all the way.


Thanks for the advise and info I will look into that product and also take everyone's pros and cons on this topic for the research paper.

Again TY to everyone.


Question: is there a reason that a lot of people report being lethargy and have back pain on this particular compound?


Still doing my research and I was wondering how likely someone is to have an issue with vision on nolvadex?






Only "prohormones" worth anything. None are prohormones, all are active compounds. All are decent stuff. Equal to commonly used oral steroids.

Hell I used M1T for the longest time with test instead of dbol. Its strong stuff, and used to be cheap as hell before the ban.

Ill still use superdrol from time to time. If you know where to get it from, its far cheaper than say var or winny. And just as potent if not more so...Lots of powerlifters still roll this stuff preworkout if trying to stay in a weightclass, its cheap, cuts you up, and is great for straight strength, doesnt burn the joints like winny, and its cheap.

Hdrol is Tbol, but same stuff basically. Nothing wrong with it either, just rarely cheaper dosed properly.

Havoc and epistane are kind of like superdrol, poormans var. Dose it right and its pretty decent stuff.

You can get all this stuff cheap as balls, and find it anywhere if you spend any time looking.
Heres the deal with Prohormones, only idiots use prohormones by themselves or at lower doses that they say on the bottle. Its not enough kick.

You wouldent use winny by itself and expect good gains would you ? Orals on their own rarely produce much, you just CANT GET THE DOSAGES needed without ruining your liver and you rarely get complete type I and II activity.

Plenty of guys who know what they are doing will use prohormones sporadically on top of injectables just to get a cheap oral in there.
But then agian I dont pay 50 bucks for a bottle of superdrol either like some of you guys do, I pay more like 15.


I'd say not likely at all. I've never heard of vision issues with nolva, now clomid on the other hand , yes. Night blindness is of real concern when using clomid.


thanks for the info and I will look into the above and TY for clearing up the night vision thing . . the research paper is going fine and proving to be more interesting than I thought