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Raw Squat vs Geared Squat Technique

Im preparing for Collegiate Nationals in April. I’ll jump into gear pretty soon. My main question is how do you guys squat raw compared to gear. My raw stance is shoulder width, feet pointed out 10 degrees, knees straight out ass back. I keep myself pretty upright. My raw squat should be a lill more than 270 kgs.

Today i hit 330 kgs in gear, but everybody keeps telling me that I should be capable of 360kgs+. So is it that the technique needs to be changed in order to get more out of the gear? For instance knees more out, and feet pointed outward as well?

I would really like to hear your take on the subject. i find it very interesting. Thank you all in advance, even for taking the time to read it.

What kind of suit / suit brief combo ( if any) are you lifting in? Perhaps I have experience in that suit and can tell you what I did.

I am most familiar with the Titan Super Centurion & the METAL Ace, which is what I own. Generally speaking there’s suits that provide rebound like the PRO and JACK and there’s suits that stop you a lot like the canvas suits, which is the ACE, and to a lesser extent the Titan. There’s also suits that have adjustable shoulder straps so that one can take a lighter weight with the suit and as the weight gets heavier, he shortens the suit straps , which will require more weight to get to depth.

I found that with my ACE suit, when I crank the shoulder straps down tight for Max effort work the suit, approaching the hole will want to pull me down. I have to keep a “proud chest”, much like squatting with a safety squat bar to avoid getting folded up like a lawn chair. Then I just literally sit back into the suit hard, while maintaining the “proud chest”. The pressure of all that can be pretty intense and from halfway up, it’s pretty much “all you bro” lol. Better have a strong lock out or gravity will make you it’s bitch.

Don’t listen to your buddies. There is no “you will get X carryover” with a suit. Too many factors involved such as suit tightness, strap tightness, your BLOAT if any, your proficiency in the gear ( which will improve BTW) I found that whatever I could half squat raw, was very close to my geared squat numbers. On a side note, heavy as fuck rack deads from at the knee cap up helped me tremendously in that area.

Lastly, don’t listen to the “BRO SCIENCE” fuckers. If they haven’t actually lifted in gear they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about and cannot help you at all. It’s akin to an airsofter, telling a real Operator how to do his job on the battlefield.

Hope this helps V. Any more questions?