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Raw Squat 585x2


Here's a link to the video of my max effort work today; please feel free to comment or critique. The lift is done raw with the Inzer knee sleeves that are currently legal in raw competitions in the USAPL, the federation in which I compete.



excellent depth on that second squat.

i notice you have some significant buttwink, has that ever affected you in any way, i.e. injuries?


they are really great except the hips rolling under a little. Maybe you could improve the hips rising at parallel faster than the back.

at 31 and 36 seconds, after the hips pull back up, you are in what looks like a perfect squatting position. But instead of driving through your traps, your hips continue to rise and back angle doesn't change at all, so you end up GMing the bar part of the way at the top.

how strong are your glutes?

= my unqualified opinion

btw ur a freakish beast


Did I miss a T-Nation article where the author mentioned "buttwink" recently?? Because it certainly seems to be the new buzzword around here.



I always get this messed up, you turn the lift into sort of a good morning when you squat. So fixing this would mean working on your good morning to help you move more weight? Or it would be working more on quad strength to help you stay upright?

Im going to say go with good mornings because all though it may make your squat form worse, it will definitely raise your squat max considering your sticking point/slow area seems to come in right about where some good morning strength could come in handy.


You go pretty deep and then your hips shoot back wards Im guessing because your body is trying to bring hamstrings/lower back into play to finnish the lift. Where as Im guessing if your quads were strong enough you wouldnt have done that.

So Im going to go with weak quads...

I bet the first 3 weeks with smolov on front squats would put like 50lbs on that squat if you ate enough.

But I could be wrong about all of this. Anyway good squats.



But yeah OP that second rep looks like a good morning.


awesome strength and great depth. the lift looks great until you hit depth. as you drive out of the hole you allow your upper body to lose tightness by allowing your elbows to drift way back. this in turn puts the weight out in front of you and in turn forces your lower body to counterbalance the weight by forcing your ass up. an easy technique to keep the weight over your hips is to get those elbows under the bar.. keep them there and as you come out of the hole, force your elbows forward. this will keep the weight back and keep you in a good tight arch.

i don't call what you are doing buttwinking.. .i call it chicken winging:)


You walked that out incredibly easily.

And that is far, far from a significant amount of "buttwink".


good squats, both deep enough...looked like you were maybe coming a bit loose at the bottom...but that is it.
also make sure about the knee sleeves,...i am also USAPL and know there was discussion over them but not sure on the rulings


I already looked into this. Here is the response I got.

From the USAPL secretary:

They are currently still legal. No action will be taken until 2009 NGM meeting.


Thanks Maraudermeat. I do the same thing albeit with much lighter weights. Nice to learn something.

OP - nice work. It hurt my puny body to watch.


Awesome squats. I hope to be there someday.


Badass bro, only like 300 more pounds till I catch you, lol


Thanks for the replies...I am unfamiliar with the term 'buttwink'; it sounds like something that Jessica Biel should do to me on a regular basis.

I recently switched my squat grip closer in order to keep my elbows more perpendicular to the floor and my upper body upright, although, as one poster mentioned, I still have some problems with this.

My good morning is very strong compared to my squat so I'm not sure this is a weakness. Also, I rarely feel any quad in my heavier squat sets so I'm not sure that is a weakness either. I have always felt my hips (and to a lesser extent my glutes) are weak; is this evidenced by the video?

Tom, my training partner, and I, regularly do walkouts with 120-130% of our maxes, making walking out 95% look and feel pretty effortless. I highly recommend this for other lifters.



It's funny how you're genuinely asking for advice (and seemingly taking it all on board!) when you outsquat pretty much everyone who posts here!!


As far as you not feeling quads much in your heavy work, thats because your hips shoot back (and I think) allow your weaker quads to extend so that you can get tension in your hamstrings and finnish the lift with a goodmorning.

Now when I said quads that was a little missleading of me. Considering glutes also play a large role in getting you out of the hole while still staying somewhat upright. Which is why I mentioned front squats. All though they hit quads real hard there is no way anyone is going to get out of the hole without using allot of glutes as well.

But all this stuff is just theory from me. looking at your form I would say front squats would be the best thing you could do to raise your squat and fix your form some what.

I know theres allot of westside shit going around saying quads dont do much in squats etc. But for raw lifters squating deep with a medium stance there is allot of quads involved. You probably know this but Im going to post it anyway so some westside newbie doesn't come in quoting louie simmons on me.


i say your back overpowers your hips and thighs. many very strong people, steve goggins comes to mind, squat like that and do well, i think if you are not a freak like he is, then you might do well to work on leg strength some, and hip flexibility.


Yes I am not too proud to admit that my form is in need of improvement. It has gotten better over the last year or so, however, here's a video from about 8 months ago:


I am unable to hold the bar correctly for front squats, they end up being more like Zerchers. I tried the wrist bent back version and the arms crossed and cannot do either.