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Raw Spinach Serving Size?


I've recently begun buying organic spinach, which I love eating raw. However, I'm having a little trouble figuring out what constitutes a "serving."

1 cup only = 6.9 calories and .28 servings of veggies per my diet software. Therefore, to get one serving of veggies, I need to eat almost 4 cups of raw spinach or 110 grams. However, the USDA says 2 cups of spinach is a serving. Which is correct?

And how much would that be in grams, which I find to be the easiest way to measure, since going by volume is so dependent on how tightly one packs the cup.


Just EAT a ton and your all good.

Dont sweat it so much its spinach. if you have say a cup to much you are not going to add a ton of weight or anything.

The stress you are creating over this minutia is doing more damage than any amount of spinach will do.

Hope that helps,


I hear ya. I just wanted to make sure I get enough.