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Raw Powerlifting


First off let me tell you when I competed in Powerlifting I always used a suit and knee wraps. Best I ever got 'raw' was a 465 squat in the gym. In a meet 550 with suit and wraps. Never used a bench shirt or deadlift assistance. Now check out these lifters. Found this link on Dr.Squat's forum. This lifting exposes what a joke Powerlifting has become meaning all the equipment has destroyed any resemblance of a sporting event.

My competitive lifting days are long gone but if you are going to compete, compete in one of these raw deals. Everything else is a joke. http://www.rawpowerlifting.com/videos.htm



Go drink some bleach


I see where your comeing from barry.

But gear does help people bench and squat after some prety bad injurys.

People say gear makes you safer, I just dont see how puting another 50-300lbs on the bar makes your muscles any less likley to tear. Or your spine anyless likley to break.


No one likes powerlifting because the gear is like cheating in most peoples' minds, and you also don't really have a frame of reference for the lifts, i.e. what is a 600 shirted bench equivalent too?? Hard to say unless you use a shirt yourself and know about the different technologies and brands. And lastly no one likes douches who try to pass off shirted benches as RAW, and it does happen, someone did it in a thread I started a while ago.


you started a thread to say this? This contributes nothing to the debate. Just pointless whining and less support. Glad you're retired from competing.


Everytime someone squats raw and to parallel, God kills a puppy.

Please, think of the puppies.


No. What's a joke is some washed up, internet warrior coming on a site like this and basically posting an advertisement for a federation you don't even lift in.

You're the joke, pal. Go curl up in your rocking chair gathering up who ever will listen to you babble about your glory days.

Continue to bemoan the sport you once thought you knew while the rest of us continue to train hard through injury and adversity and do our talking where it belongs. On the platform.

We don't need you and if this is an indication of your overall attitude and approach to life, good riddance.


Worst crimes of the last 100 years:

  1. The Gas Chambers
  2. Stalin's Purges
  3. Some guy on the internet bruising your ego by telling you his shirted bench instead of his raw bench



It didn't bruise my ego since my raw bench is bigger than his shirted bench, which he stated as being under 400 lbs.

Maybe yours is bruised after watching the vids of those RAW lifters.


Powerlifting shirts destroyed my home village.

A squat suit once inpregnanted my dog.


The Nazi's used squat suits to invade Poland because it instantly tripled the strength of their soldiers.


Frankly - this is like arguing which is better: Coke or Pepsi.

RAW and geared powerlifting are really two different and equally valid sports that just happen to have the same lifts in common. One is not better than the other, simply different. And it's really a matter of the individual's preference and value system which one he chooses to pursue.

Adherents of these different sports accomplish nothing by arguing with one another about it. It might be better to simply recognize them as different and respect the competitors of each for their accomplishments in their chosen sport.

I don't expect that the "debate" will end, though.


Yeah but like gear is cheating. So there. Doesn't matter what the rules say. Cos in my head it's cheating. And evolution is gay. So there.


Until people practice some cultural relativism, this "debate" will never stop.


Yeah, it made them so strong that bullets would just bounce off them.


I want a bench shirt!


Right on. That's what I'm looking for. Some good old debate. Let me clarify my stance on geared lifting. All I mean is that if you lift with gear I don't have any respect for you or your lifts. There is an old video on this forum with Vince Anello on national TV. These days with 1,000's of channels and countless hours of Sports programming Powerlifting is not even a blip on the screen. Why? Because it has become a joke of a sport.

Guys with Giant bellys doing a half knee bend out of a monolift with gear they can hardly walk in is about as fun to watch as soccer. I know about telling people you lift more than you do. After my meets I told people the suited/wrapped squat. Hell I would have had 100 lbs off my total if I didn't use a suit/wraps.

You guys who talk about a (insert number here) bench with a shirt, get real. You make a mockery of everything about strength. Dr. Squat himself said he rejects Powerlifting, doesn't even consider it a sport anymore.



If Dr Squat is saying it Im gonna have to agreee... Because he is the man.

Thats not even questionable, hes just the man.


How is raw powerlifting any more exciting to watch? The average person who doesn't lift can't tell a damn bit of difference. I think the whole steroids stigma is more of the reason its not televised. I seriously don't know anyone who doesn't lift that would want to watch powerlifting on TV. Weightlifting/Fitness in general isn't as mainstream anymore I don't think

I know poker is about as boring as you can get but its televised 14 hours of the day it seems but thats because poker is "in" or as sportscenter would say "now"


People who lift in gear usually don't make threads attacking raw lifters. They are too busy busting their asses and actually TRAINING instead of whining on an internet forum. The hostility between Raw and Equipped is a one-way hostility from the former to the latter.

Chad Aichs doesn't give a shit if you want to lift raw or single ply, yet tons of raw lifters troll Chad Aichs videos on youtube calling him a joke. Get over it, go compete raw, and shut up about it.