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Raw Powerlifting

I’d say they’re pretty respectable for raw.

I think the numbers are pretty good for raw. One other thing about raw that is a little rough is you can’t wear wrist wraps, which a lot of people like to do on the squat and bench when they go heavy. I don’t have any problem with people wearing a belt and calling it raw.

[quote]coffee wrote:
hey thats pretty cool. I would be elite at 198 if i competed in that fed. I would love to compete but every meet is way too far from canada.

The only thing up here is the IPF which is fine except its not raw and i wont lift any other way.[/quote]

It is still elite in any other fed if you are doing it under the same conditions(belt, no wraps, drug-free). IPF judge squats below parallel. It is not elite under IPF rules, but the RAW community, maybe not the fed, will recognize you as an elite lifter.
P.S. I would be elite too in the 198’s, too bad I am in the 242’s, damnit!