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Raw Powerlifting Meet in Chantilly, VA- January 28th.


My gym, Aggressive Strength and Conditioning will be teaming up with Northern Virginia RAW powerlifting federation to put on a raw powerlifting meet january 28th.

This will be our first meet. We will have a monolift for squats and a Texas squat bar. We will also be using a Texas deadlift bar for deads.

The meet will be full power, push/pull or bench only. Equipment allowed are wrist wraps, knee wraps and belt.

weigh ins will be at 9 a.m. followed by a rules meeting. Lifting will begin around 10.

Instead of doing the typical crappy trophies you get at most competitions, I plan to have a professional photographer tha will take pics of all lifters in action and will make up a certificate that will have the lifters Name, weightclass, Division, Date, Weightlifted, Placing in competition with a pic of one of their best lifts in the center. we will then frame it and it will be given as awards. The photographer will also be printing out larger pics all lifts that can be purchased for a nominal fee.

This is a sanctioned meet and all lifts will be sent to powerlifting watch as well as powerlifting USA.

An official entry form will be up on powerlifting watch next week. I will also provide a link once it becomes available.

Feel free to PM me or ask here, if you have any questions.


This was done at the last meet I attended and was super cool.

Good luck with your meet, Meat.


it was done at a meet i did once as well. wasn't an original idea, that's for sure. I'm not capable of those.

thanks!!! hopefully we have a good turnout.


This sounds awesome man...I probably won't compete unless I get a wild hair up my ass, but I'll definitely come out for it! Looking forward to details.


I posted this on my team's Facebook page, we might come check it out, sounds cool and is local


Hey Scott, just to let you know, there is a pushpull that meet in woodbridge that same day. Didn't know if you wanted to change the date at all. -Nick


cool... it will be a good time.


nah.... they can have their push/pull meet in Hoodbridge.


come on by... i'll put you to work.


haha word...yeah man if you need spotters and plate loaders, I will volunteer my services...may cost a couple slices of pizza, but I can help out...pretty sure im not on travel that weekend, so count me in...


cool...we'll go out and get some food afterwards.


so..... The meet i scheduled is cancelled. i had a difference of opinion with NOVA RAW on what RAW actually is..LOL.

I just got off the phone with Jesse Rogers, the President of SPF, and I'm going to get trained as a judge. I'm also going to talk to the Chairman of VA. and with her blessing i'm going to start throwing SPF meets up here in Northern VA. I'll keep everyone informed as to when this will happen.