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Raw Powerlifting in Canada?


I love powerlifting and recently had a blast at my first meet, however gear really isn't my thing right now so I'm looking for a place to compete raw. the CPU (Canadian IPF affiliate) doesn't have a raw division so I was wondering if anyone knew of any raw feds up here? I'd prefer to be able to use knee wraps but whatever is available will do. Thanks.

For reference I live in the Toronto area.


Not that I know of. Some provinces do keep raw records though, for example, Nova Scotia.


Seconded. Good luck finding a raw division to compete in, I don't think there are any.

Why not do CPU contests, but compete raw? Lots of people do it, if you're going for records and such it might not be such a good idea, but if you're merely competing against yourself, what's the trouble?


CPO has the option of a raw division. I volunteered at Nationals a couple weeks ago and there were 2 decent sized flights of Amateur Raw lifters. I believe the rule was belts and knee sleeves, but I'm not 100% sure. Most of the lifters went either just a belt, or nothing.


He did do a CPU event last week. Belt and wraps only (I believe).

The CPU does maintian some official unequipted records, but I don't know if all are actually reported. But the CPU's definition of unequipted does not allow wraps.



The CPO Raw definitiion is exactly as Chris said: Belt, Wrist wraps and non-supportive knee sleeves only. You can find the CPO Raw records on the same pages as the rest of the CPO records here:


Further I know Ryan Lapadat is looking to get a 100% Raw meet going up here, and we have at least one gent in Toronto who routinely goes down for the Raw Unity meet: Jeremy Hamilton.


Thanks for the responses guys, the CPU unequiped records are certainly interesting I might look into that. If there was a 100% raw meet that would be perfect, the CPO raw division would also be sweet but are they still actively holding contests?

I looked up their website and couldn't find any listings past 2007...plus aren't they the canadian branch of the WPO and didn't that fed go under a while back? I'll keep my eyes open for that 100% raw meet.


As Rugger mentioned I have done that, and will likely do it again, it's still alot of fun but I'm a competative guy and gear is a pretty big edge to give up


Actually if you follow W.E.C.'s link you'll see the results for the CPO National's held in Mississaugua 2 weeks ago (with a raw division).

As for the web search, I was getting the same thing you were. I guess you have to go through the Metal Militia website.


I'm in! First meet last weekend, competed RAW... had a blast!


Yep, the CPO is still actively holding competitions, the next one is in Montreal on June 20th.

My apologies for the website confusion, please use www.metalmilitia.ca, upcoming meets are always on the front page. I'll get the disparate websites sorted out.


Hey Astar,
I also live in the Toronto area and train with a couple of the females on that RAW record list. If you ever want to come train with us, send me a PM and we can work out a good time to get together.


CPU unequipped records lists are still maintained by Jamie Emberley, you can contact him through the CPU forum.