Raw Powerlifting Federation

Hello everyone, anyone here lift in this federation? I have lifted USAPL for the last year, but am thinking about supplementing some competitions in this federation. How is the competition, judging, rules, etc.?

I started out in the USAPL, I find the judging to be generally consistent with local level USAPL meets (in fact in VA they are run by the same people). 100% Raw also has curls as part of the meet which is optional at the end and not included in the total. They do a lot of push/pulls. The rules are very similar to USAPL. Just be aware that 100% Raw only allows belts, no wrist wraps or knee sleeves or anything like that. If you are in NC that is where Paul Bossi, the president is, I know he puts on some good meets. Good luck with it, I hope you like it,

I’ve done a couple of their meets. They’re well run,
and a have good crew lifters.

The rules are very similar to AAU. You can find them
here: http://www.rawpowerlifting.com/pdf/rules.pdf

I really enjoyed myself, and will compete there again.

My only complaint was with the awards. They all seem
to be weapons of some sort (daggers, axes, etc.) If
you’re flying, and you win, you’ll have to ship it home.
You won’t be able to get it on the plane.

Other than that, really nice people.