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The old thread’s dead. Time for a new one.

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Morning BW: 213.3.

Notes: I’ve been ULC since monday and I figure most of the water weight has drained.

Looks like you’re dropping weight fast.

Thanks GV.

Press, 5’s day, TM 160, Top Set, 135.

Press: 45 x10, 656 x5, 85 x5, 105 x5, 125 x5, 135 x13, 4, 4, 4.

Neutral Grip Chins: 10, 7, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4.

Dips: BW x 10, +25 x10, +50 x10.

Tri Pulldowns: Some x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.

Stairs: 20 flights.

Notes: I was dragging ass today in the gym, low cal, low carb sucks.

I think I’d get pretty cranky doing low carb work. Would be hard not to speak my mind in the gym.
Nice work on the 135 press reps.

Morning BW 212.6.

nice work

Nice work. I need to get my fat ass to lose some weight.

Thanks for checking on me, fellas.

5’s day. Deads. TM 430, Top Set 365.

Deads: 45 x10, 135 x10, 225 x5, 315 x5, 365 x10 (full reset).

Zerchers (from lowest pins): 135 x5, 225 x5, 275 x1, 315 x1.

Leg Curls (hammies): Some x 10, 10, 10.

Stairs: 20 Flights:

Notes: I left a few in the tanks of the money set, but I was still a bit winded. Low zerchers are tough, I really had to work to get under the bar, and they were hard to get moving. Still low cal, almost zero carb.

Jacks back
Is back

Its a bit better OMP, thanks, but still tweaky. I seems like I can hit the big movements, but things like getting out of bed or twisting or sitting in a chair still hurt.

Morning BW 211.6.

3’s Night, Bench, TM 265, Top Set, 240.

Bench: 45 x25, 135 x8, 185 x3, 225 x3, 240 x6, 205 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3.

Machine Rows: 2 plates x 10, 4 plates x10, 6 plates x 10, 8 plates x 10, 6 plates x10, 4 plates x 10, 2 plates x 20.

DB Incline Bench: 80s x 8, 8, 8.

Cables Rows: 1 drop set starting with the stack.

Stairs: 20 flights.

Notes: Still dragging ass, but it feels like the fats melting off. I get a refeed tomorrow or the next day and I’m gonna go nuts on a stack of pancakes or a pile of mexican food.

Is the leg and back remaining tightness affecting your benching? It looks like your doing some nice lifting here.

What’cha cutting for?
And nice work as usual :slight_smile:

GV, I don’t think my back is affecting my bench much.

C-Gal, I’m cutting because: (1) I picked up some fat over the winter; (2) waterski season is coming up and extra fact is a performance killer; (3) I’d like to compete in the 198 class next meet and have a better strength-to-weight ratio; and (4) I’d like to–at least just occasionally–see some abs during my adult life.

Thanks for checking on me, I’m off to squat and then tear into carbs later.

Squats, 3’s, TM 370, Top Set, 335.

Squats: 45 x10, 135 x5, 225 x3, 275 x3, 335 x6.

Front Squats: 135 x5, 185 x5, 225 x5, 275 x1, 300 x1.

Leg Press: 8 plts. x 10, 10 plts. x10, 12 plts. x10, 14 plts. x10, 16 plts. x10, 18 plts. x10.

Leg Curl (quads): Some x 30

Leg Curl (hammies): Some x 15

Stairs: 20 flights.

Notes: Off to Mexican food!

3’s Day, Press, TM 160, Top Set 145.

Press: 45 x10, 95 x3, 115 x3, 125 x3, 145 x11, 135 x 5, 5, 5.

Pullups (various grip): 10, 7, 5, 4.

Dips: BW+30 x10, 10, 10, 9.

Staors: 20 Flights

Notes: In and out. Morning BW 215.3 after a massive re-feed.

Nice work and I dig the massive re-feed. Love me some good Mexican food.

3’s day, deads. TM 430, top set 385.

Deads: 45 x10, 135 x5, 225 x5, 315 x3, 355 x3, 385 x 10 (full reset), 315 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (15 second rest on triples, touch and go).

Zerchers: no go.

Stairs: 20 flights.

Notes: I felt good pulling, but my hips started to really tighten up on the first set of zerchers, so I called it a day.

Morning BW: 211.8.

When’s your next meet? Didn’t you compete 198 last time?