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Raw or Overcooked Eggs


well until today, i used to mix two raw eggs in a slimfast shake in the morning as part of my breakfast, providing roughly 24 grams of protein, 7 per raw egg. however, i have to stop eating the raw eggs in the morning seeing as how she has threatened me with all but death.

now what i have heard is that when you cook eggs, you lose a lot of the protein that they contain. i might have it completely bass ackwards, which is why im asking the question: do cooked or raw eggs have more protein?

if the cooked have less protein, what should i eat for breakfast now as a replacement? i mean thats where a lot of my daily protein came from. any suggestions for breakfast? thanks in advance.


When you heat an egg in a pan egg proteins gain energy and literally shake apart the bonds between the parts of the amino-acid strings, causing the proteins to unfold.

As the temperature increases, the proteins gain enough energy to form new, stronger bonds (covalent) with other protein molecules.

SO, it depends on how you cook them. When cooking your eggs, probably best to stick them in a pan and use moderate heat. Instead of regularly boiling them up, heat them in the pan with cold water till the water starts to boil properly then switch the heat off, but them off the burner and cover with a lid. Wait 15-18 mins then stick them in cold. The shell will be easy to take off.

Basically, intense heat (like boiling) causes the protein in eggs to become tough and rubbery. When you use lots of heat (energy)to boil an egg, it causes a chemical reaction between the yolk and the white that leaves a green film around the yolk.

That film is iron sulfide, caused by iron in the yolk reacting with hydrogen sulfide in the white. Its relatively harmless but it goes to show that the heat really does big things to the egg.

Apart from that the molecular structure of the protein will be changed otherwise the eggs would still be sloppy.


Sorry, to answer the Q, as long as you don't murder the eggs in cooking don't worry about the differences in protein.
Free Range chickens don't always produce eggs with consistant protein amounts compared to caged or barn hens, mainly because they wander round and eat anything they find rather then just peckin on set feed they are given.

Corn fed chicken eggs if you can get them are pretty good as are Columbus Omega 3 fortified eggs, they feed the chickens on special food see.


so it wouldnt matter then, too much, if i decided to scramble them or have them overeasy?


I don't know what over easy eggs is mate ? I'm from the UK.

Scrambled on wholemeal bread is the king of breakfasts is it not ? With Cheese and a pint of milk. Ate that for like 5 years on the row, sometimes for lunch too. Later I just boiled about 5 up, ate three and pocketed the others for a snack later.

If you are having problems getting enough protein (read your other thread) you could use skim milk powder, basically its spray dried and some damage occurs to proteins, but I've analysed it down the lab and its still pretty good. Depends if you can tollerate the lactose overload.

What's your typical diet for a day ? I might be able to give you some pointers.


looks like now its gonna be:

meal 1
2 eggs scrambled
2 pieces bread
1 can slimfast (180 cal 10g protein)

meal 2
protein bar if available, if not then a bagel or other type of snack bar

meal 3
whatever the cafeteria cooks up
M&M's (those are a constant)

meal 4
post workout protein bar (definite)

meal 5
dinner so whatever mom cooks up

meal 6
protein shake

p.s. overeasy eggs are eggs where the whites are cooked but the yolks are still runny


Add some olive oil to this, and try and get some carbs down you too.


Victor already gave some great info, but I'd just add that I remember reading that raw eggs have less protein, or our bodies can't use it all or something along those lines.

I read it in an article here, and on another forum.

Obviously I don't remember the specifics, but the point was to definitely cook the eggs, and not just because of the salmonella risk.


hate to be a bugger but where should i add the olive oil and why?


The main issue is the avidin in raw eggs binds with the biotin causing a defficiency. Some people thought that this was only the case with raw egg whites and eating the yolk too would solve the problem. But there isn't enough biotin in yolks to help anyway.

Another thing suggested was applying heat by running the eggs under a hot tap till the avidin was 'de-activated' but this doesn't really work.


My reply looked like I only wrote one line at the bottom but I actually wrote replies to each of your meals, and later edited it to make the gaps bigger so this was apparent.

Olive oil is good 'neutral' oil high in mono-unsaturates, good source of calories and has health benefits, has some antioxidants in it too. Mix it with protein drinks or cottage cheese for example. Personally I drink it off the spoon, even been known to swig it from the bottle, but that's dirty so use a spoon if you want it 'raw'.


i will definitely add olive oil wherever i can now.

whats with the slimfast? well my family is overweight and trying to get skinny while im skinny trying to gain weight. hence they have slimfast as a meal replacement. i just drink it becuase it has 10g of protein and its easy to down. and i guess i could ask my mom to buy me something else, maybe some portable protein drink.

and i guess youre right about the milk being cheaper because its really cheap at school. i could probably drink that at meal 2 and also during lunch. cant believe i never thought of that. only problem is that milk gives me serious farts, and in school thats not too good....whatever.

carb powder. what do you mean by carb powder? examples?

btw how much olive oil should i be consuming on a daily basis?


Am I right in saying you eat some sort of sports bar after working out ?

After workouts there is this sort of crucial window period where ingesting carbohydrates and protein is a good idea because you have maximised absorption. Not only do you replenish the depleted glycogen stores and give yourself some protein to aid in a positive nitrogen balance but it has other benefits too.

Liquids are far more beneficial than solid food here, typically 50-100g of carb powder, you can use maltodextrin based stuff like 'Maxim' if you have that in the States or just get a load of Maltodextrin from a brewing shop. Not sure if brewing your own booze is popular in the States like it is here either.

Anyway mixing this with ideally whey protein is what you want. Saving for some Whey protein and just using it after workouts would be a good idea.

You can chuck creatine in the mix too, but don't put fat in it because it slows down the absorption.

As far as Olive Oil goes, only use Extra Virgin, its not not heat damaged. Use 2-3 dessert spoons per day that should do it.

BTW Slimfast isn't that good I just read what's in it on another site. Try and replace those 10g's of protein with some whole milk, much better idea.

Last time I was in the States milk was more expensive than over here, in fact Organic milk is cheaper here than where I was in New England. If it gives you gas, then its no big deal, just move away from people or blame it on someone else.


ok so today i went out and bought some carb powder and egg protein. im gonna drink the egg protein before bed, 22g protein. ill drink the 100 or so grams of carbs every time after i work out.

however i cant add the protein powder as you suggested, as that was too wallet intensive. instead ill have to chug the carb powder while i munch on a protein bar. thanks for all the help man.


This might save you some money, don't have the protein before bed, have solid food like cottage cheese, regular cheese or similar and some carbs and oilve oil or something. It would be better to mix that carb powder with the protein powder for after workouts.

Studies show that although the primary requisite after weight training is carbs, you do need the protein and taking it with the carbs after a workout is the best time. Don't have any fats with your post workout.

If you are using the protein powder at any other time you could maximise it by taking it in milk. Shock horror, I also recommend whole milk. For example you could mix up a large protein shake, two servings of you Egg protein and a half a litre of milk would give you 61g of protein, which you could have at breakfast along with a couple of eggs on toast and then instead of the first meal at college or school wherever it was you studied.

What sort of carbs are in the carb powder btw ? You might be able to reserve the large 100g dose for after squat workouts and when you train chest and stuff just have 60-70g to save some of that, rationing it out makes sense if you are a budget.


Not to be mean but thats a pretty shotty nutrition plan.. Go for more veggies and fruits and cut out the candy, soda and fries..


Why are you drinking Slim Fast and not a more wholesome MRP? Have you ever compared the ingredients in a can of Slim Fast to say, a Grow! Shake? Look at the sugar content....its nearly 40 grams. You may as well slam a Coke for breakfast.
If you were to replace the slim fast with a better protein shake, you wouldn't have the problem of trying to squeeze in protein elsewhere. A normal protein shake has about three times the amount of protein one can of slim fast has....
Anyway, it's obviously your choice, but this will give ya somethin to think about.


You have bigger concerns than protien degradation. If you want a complete protien try sardines or canned Salmon or just eat more eggs.

Quit the fries and candy.