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Raw Oatmeal


Just wondering, if i'm drinking raw oatmeal (with shakes), would I end up shitting most of it out???

Just seems like it'll go in and out without chewing it like when i'm eating


You'll be fine. It'll take a bit longer to digest etc. may crap some out but I wouldnt expect much.


It won't digest as easily, and could cause gas, bloating, and probably reduce the calories/nutrients you're absorbing from it.

Another poster mentioned that he grinds it before adding it to his shake. That would probably help. It's still a bit hard to digest, but much easier if it's ground up.


Why are people going that route? Is it for fiber? If so, there are much easier more digestable sources of it.


Don't do it! Man, gave me some serious cramps and bloating....


I have been adding raw oatmeal to my preworkout shake for several years. I have also done this before basketball games. Fortunately I have never experience anything negative from doing this.



I eat raw oatmeal for breakfast just about every day.

Throw it in a bowl, dump in a scoop of Metabolic Drive, pour on some milk and chow down.

One, it doesn't take long in the bowl to go soggy. Two, I'm sure that if it was raw on the way in that it will only take a short while at body temperature to approach a cooked (softened) status.

This is more information than I generally wish to share, but I don't see any oatmeal coming out the other end...


Define raw oatmeal...I mean there isn't really much difference between cooked oatmeal and the dry stuff is there?

A side note, I experience none of the cramping and stuff other people are talking about and I eat at least 2 packets of instant oatmeal that way, in my morning shake, daily.


Well, maybe it's just me, but if I eat oatmeal, my stools double or more. I also have some weird gas...though it floats(the stool) (so that would mean it's a lot due to fibres?)
Anyway, when I didn't chew it too well, I had some really nasty cramps.
Now I chew it, and it's a little bit better...
I do think though that just chugging it would greatly reduce the amount of nutrients...I mean it makes one crap A LOT. X(


raw oatmeal...
well for my morning meal i usually just grab some oatmeal, toss it in my mouth dry, and wash it down my throat with some water to get me started on the day. its quick that way and i can get to class or the gym depending on the day. i do it most mornings, but dont have any knowledge of crapping it out undigested.

or maybe im just not analyzing my crap well enough.


I throw some oatmeal + protein shake in a blender for breakfast everymorning. Personally, I find it lighter and quicker than cooking it in the microwave and then waiting for it to cool down.

Just my 2 cents. And yea, no bloating, gas etc.


You do cook it right?

Wow... didn't need to know that.

Instant oatmeal is considerably different than raw uncooked oats.


I have been doing that for a while. It saves time and I can eat a lot more of it throughtout the day b/c I dont have to use as much water when I mix it in a shake. I do 1 cup of oats with two scoops of whey, and some goodies like glutamine or creatine if its post-workout. Add a table spoon of olive oil and you have a 600 calories shake with 50-60 grams of protein and crabs. Add some water and you are done.

Drink a few of these babies between meals and see what happens.

I dont have any "side effects". If you use old fashioned oats, they are harder to swallow. I use a Giant (supermarket) brand of quick oats that mix easily with water so it doesnt take much to get it down. It doesnt look particularly good but who cares right.


I meant to say "carbs" in case you guys got jokes, LOL.


I eat raw oats every day in my PWO shake. Basically, I grind up rolled oats in a coffee grinder,(makes powder out of them) keep them in a big bag, and use them in shakes along with whey and dex. Never gives me a problem.

Actually, recently, I've given up on dex, and began using the raw ground oats as my soul source of carbs in the shake. It's been working well, and I figure if I'm going to have all those calories from a shake, I might as well have some nutritional value there as well, rather than pure corn sugar.


Just a quick note...

Assuming you are getting your oats from a grocery store (regular or organic), the "raw oats" you are eating are not really raw. Uncooked yes, but not raw. They have already been steemed, rolled out, and repackaged for sale (hence, old-fashioned rolled oats). I'm almost positive steel cut oats are cooked before being cut as well. To get truly "raw" oats, you have to go straight to the source. People who follow raw food diets must get their oats this way.

Pointless fact to most probably, but I do believe it has an effect on how your body can process them if I remember correctly.


Let me repeat myself...

I eat raw oatmeal for breakfast just about every day.


I can't stand the smell of cooked oats- they WILL make me throw up- but one way around it is to get my muesli, which I make with rolled oats, pour in the milk and leave it for 15 minutes. The oats soak up the milk and soften and I have found that I get a lot less bloat/cramping than if I don't leave them to soak.


So, Vroom, you do cook it, right? :wink:


This is my oatmeal of choice. The link also explains the world of difference between steel cut oats and rolled oats.