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Raw Nuts Or Peanut Butter?

I remember reading somewhere that peanuts officially weren’t nuts. Would it be preferable to eat other kinds of nuts instead of peanuts?

Are raw nuts better than peanut butter?
The peanut butter I eat has 12g monounsatured and 2g polyunsatured- what allows them to change the ratios usually found in PB to 12/2? are they adding something or is it dangerous?

For ingredients besides peanuts my PB lists “natural oil blend (flaxseed and palm fruit oil), salt, molasses.” Are any of these unhealthy, would it be better to switch to raw nuts?

Why not just buy natural peanut butter… basically, the ingredients will say “peanuts”.

I actually prefer raw almonds or macadamia nuts to peanuts, if I’m in a quick need of a fat to add to my protein.

I didn’t buy totally natural peanut butter becuase I wanted to have the favorable ratio of mono to poly

Raw almonds or walnuts, etc. are better than peanut butter, of course eating a few ounces of walnuts is alot harder to do than a few tablespoons of peanut butter for the same amount of calories.

Walnuts have alot of Omega 3’s and Almonds have alot of fiber.

Why not eat both?

Judging from the list of ingredients you provided, it sounds like you’re using the Smart Balance Omega brand. If so, you really shouldn’t sweat it. Imo, it’s the best brand you can get. I use it myself. It’s all natural peanut butter, plus Omega 3 content. What could possibly be wrong with that?

The oil blend is where the Omega 3 and Omega 6 content comes from. The molasses, a healthier alternative to sugar, is used in very small amounts for a bit of flavor. It’s used so little that in the end, it doesn’t even add to the total carb count (Pretty much all nuts have around 6-7 G of carbs), so don’t worry about that either. This brand is good stuff. Dig in!

I eat both natural peanut butter and raw nuts. Peanuts are a legume, but legume butter and jelly just doesn’t sound appetizing. So don’t count them as a serving of nuts.

Walnuts are one of the best nut choices in my opinion and their featured in TC’s article “13 Super Foods”. So they must be good. :wink:

Anyone tried making there own butter using raw peanuts/almonds/walnuts in a food processor?

Naturally More is also a great peanut butter. It’s also natural PB fortified with flax oil, flax seed and honey.

[quote]alsrnbsn wrote:
Naturally More is also a great peanut butter. It’s also natural PB fortified with flax oil, flax seed and honey.[/quote]

AND egg whites. I love that stuff, it tastes unbelievable too.