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Raw nuts Good?

Hey you guys! Just wanted to ask all you T-Men if you guys include nuts as part of your fat intake and which ones are good sources of EFA’s. I personally eat raw almonds, pumkin seeds, and walnuts. I really love raw cashews and raw pecans, but don’t know if these are good choices. What do you guys think?

I definitely do and eat a lot of almonds, pumkin seeds, cashews, and pistachios.

I think they are great especially when your on the go. I personally eat sunflower seeds and almonds. I dont know how good cashews and pecans are but if they are natural and raw, I don’t think it really matters.

Nuts are great, the best choice is walnuts. Cooking them will destroy many of their properties as will buying them without shells.

I eat tons of them and still lose weight. Cashews are the higest in carbs so just watch those. Macademia are the highest in saturated fat and peanuts are not that recomended. If you love nuts try some Almond butter…it rocks. Mix in oatmeal, shakes, etc.

A nut freak here 2. I rotate hazelnuts, brazil nuts, almonds (peel the skin off), cashews, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and walnuts (thanks for the tip Jenn) to vary EFA comp and taste. It’s best to soak your nuts (the edible ones, mind u) for 8-12 hrs in some water and sea salt. This helps them digest better. Dry them in the oven by SLIGHTLY broiling/roasting them just enough to pull out the moisture. Keep em in the fridge so they don’t oxidize. Question for Jenn: Why are pecans and cashews questionable?

I’m sure they are good if they are raw like I said. I just wasn’t sure. For instance, Macadamia nuts are the highest in saturated fat which is what you want less of. But I think cashews and pecans taste great. I myself sprout pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds too. They taste great and do digest better improving their nutritional value.