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Raw Milk?

I’m trying to find out if there is any way to get ahold of raw, unpasteurized milk on a regular basis. I know that in LA it is legal to sell it, and I’ve been trying to find a website that might sell it or something, since it’s illegal to purchase most anywhere. Does anyone know if there might be someone who ships raw milk? Thanks.


Find a farm near you. The problem with raw milk is it spoils quickly. I’ve only had it once and it was SOOOO good! I remember that it was not white, it was a light tan color. Does anyone know if milk turns white from the pasturization?

I’ve had milk straight from the cow a couple time before, and the milk certainly isn’t perfectly white then. I don’t know if I would have described it as “light tan”. Kinda reminds me of Dulce de Leche. I wonder if that’s available out of Arizona. Probably not, oh well.

I think it does turn it white, since its essentially, breast milk. Breast milk is sometimes yellowish or clear. I know because I got bored on the bus and the girl infront of me was reading a print out on breast feeding and such. Hey! It was an hour trip…lol bye.

Well, I found a source for raw milk - $4.50 a gallon! OUCH! I’m not exactly looking forward to driving 40 miles to get it either. On the other hand, it might not be a bad ‘treat’ from time to time.

Thanks for the link Mitzuki. That’s a great site, but unfortunate for me, I discovered that there is nobody around me who sells it.

Michelle, I bet you drank milk from a Jersey cow. Their milk tends to be a bit darker (and tastier and more nutritious) than milk from other cows. Raw Jersey milk is really high in vitamin A, and the color comes from all of the carotene rich grass they munch on. The crappy thing about when you pasteurize it is that alot of the vitamin A gets destroyed, along with the taste.

And FYI for anyone who doesn’t have a farm around you- I found raw, frozen goat’s milk that can be shipped anywhere in the US.

It was a French cow. I know that because it said ‘Le Moo’. I’m trying to find out about the effects of freezing raw milk, that way I can make the trip less often, but still have plenty of milk around. I’ll post when I get the info.

What is so special about raw milk fellas??

Raw milk is nothing like pasturized and homogenized milk. It has different flavor, smell and texture to it. Processed milk actually does not ‘sour’ it turns rancid. Raw milk curtles and turns into a sort of yogurt which I also had when I had raw milk, it’s pretty good. I can not imagine eating spoiled processed milk. gag

There is also a lot of evidence that processing milk destroys most of the nutritional values in milk, unfortuately most of the studies are from the 40's when the push for pasturization started. Much like the car companies destroyed mass public transportation in this country, pasturization was driven by commercial dairies as an easy out for lower quality.

Raw cheese is another topic all together. It is not east to find REAL cheese in the US. Cheese, by its very nature has to be able to age. Pasturization basically steralizes it, destroying the natural bacteria and enzymes that make cheese cheese. I've been to Europe a few times in the past 10 years (I lived in France 10 years ago), and one of my favorite meals is a hunk of goat cheese and a small loaf of bread.... makes me drool just thinking about it!

I think it's like comparing Spam to steak - they are both meat but not much alike past that.

I feel sorry for you Americans who can’t readily get your hands on raw milk cheeses; in Quebec its a serious art form and the cheeses produced here are unreal (Quebec cheese is one of the few, if only cheeses that France will import). I had a raw goats milk cheese wrapped in leaves a few days ago (yes, leaves) and it was one of the stinkiest things I’ve even consumed…yum. I guess some stores in the US stock raw milk cheeses “under the counter” (like Mag-10 in Canada), but they ain’t easy to get your hands on. More for me.



I'm coming to your house and stealing all of your cheese. So there.

Ha ha! Bring it.