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Raw Milk


Does anyone drink raw milk? I'm not really a fan of drinking the regular milk you find because I personally have not noticed any benefits from it, but I was thinking about buying a gallon a week from my local farmer's market (and possibly cheese, too).

From what I understand, raw milk contains helpful bacteria and enzymes that is lost in the process of pasteurization. I believe I read this from Jonny Bowden. I did a search and I didn't find anything substantial on it; just little bits in articles by Lowery and Berardi. I'd appreciate any input on the matter, thanks.


there are so many threads on this forum about milk, im sure this has been covered before.


there are so many threads on this forum about milk, im sure this has been covered before.

in my opinion spend your money on chicken, beef, or fish instead.


I just did another search and really didn't find too much. And I already spend my money on meat and poultry. Adequate protein is not the problem here...


I grew up on a farm and until the age of 10 drank only raw milk, no idea if it was the milk, but i was really strong for a kid of that age, sorry i cant help you more, but if its affordable i say go for it


It is better for you than pasturized!


i would trust Bowden's word over pretty much anyone else's.


I drank raw milk for a few years, until I moved to Michigan. I felt much healthier and stronger, and didn't get sick at all during that time.

I'm not sure about the laws in Illinois, but in Michigan, when I ask at the farmer's market about raw milk they look at me like I'm trying to by drugs. It is illegal to purchase here unless you're in a herd share, so farmers are nervous about being entrapped.

Supposing that you can find a source, I would suggest that you call up the farm and ask a few questions about the cows. Make sure the cows are grass fed, and not grain fed cows, because grass fed cows have fewer udder infections. Don't be shy about asking if you can visit the farm to see the barn also. Smaller dairy farms are more likely to be clean.

You really should go for it if you can! It was hard for me to go back to watered down milk after I moved, it just tasted so thin.


Not sure what kind of feed back you're searching for but this might help for starting out. http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/


With the Raw Milk issue, Bowden mentions Dr. Joseph Mercola. Check out his site for a ton of links and articles on Raw Milk. You could also check out the Weston A. Price Foundation.


Hope this helps.


I, my wife and kids have been drinking raw milk from a local farm for many years now. It is cheaper at $2.00 a gallon and in my not so humble opinion tastes much better.

Plus the kids love to make their own butter.


Raw Milk is like a black market item in some states because of agricultural laws. It is legal here in PA, and its all that I've been drinking for the past 12 years. It tastes way better and is allot better for you. Not to mention that it ussually comes from smaller farms where the animals are treated better. So the benifits include.
1. Better taste.
2. Better nutrition.
3. Better karma.

If your interested in getting cut make sure that you skim the cream, but don't waste it. You can put it in a canning jar and shake your own butter ;) 
The only negative thing I can think of is that it doesn't last quite as long as pasteurized milk. I try to drink mine in 5 days or less. Cheers.