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Raw Milk VS. Pasteurized


What are people's thoughts on raw milk?


Is it okay to drink? Is it that much better than past. milk?



Not this again.



First of all, yes, I think it's better.

And second, you still have to pasteurize the milk.

The difference is that when you do it at home it's at 135 degrees for 30 minutes and when big companies do it at plants it's about 160 degrees for 15 seconds (which kills the same amount of bacteria but it also denaturizes alot of the proteins).

Now can you people stop posting these damn RAW milk threads.


Who says you have to pasteurize the raw milk? I drink raw milk straight from organic cows all the time.
The good bacteria.


You don't have to pasteurize it. That's a lie.

Get a from a trusted source and your fine.

A long time ago people drank it raw all the time with immense benefit.

I have a friend from Honduras and they drink it raw over there on a daily basis. When she moved to the US she started gaining weight immediately and said she became sick more often.

Old time lifters drank raw milk.


I agree.The whole "bacteria" thing is a laod of crap.I've been drinking organic raw milk since I was about five years old.
I've got no disease.
I truly believe pasteurized milk is unhealthy,and can lead to major health problems.There many studies that have been done to prove this.
In fact,I was reading one that Harvard did the other day.
Raw milk is for real men.
Straight from the cow.


Straight from the teat is the way to go. The reason they pasteurise it is partially due to all the shit in the cows. If the animals aren't juiced and eat grass it's all good.


I've supplemented two kids from a few weeks all the way up with raw goat milk, and never had a problem.


I didn't mean to offend. Just thought you were still supposed to pastuerize it. Lern som'in noo ev'ry dey.


Pfft, bulls milk is real mans milk. Straight from the bulls.............teat.


Use the "Search" function (between "Customize" and "Archives") to look for threads about "raw milk". There's a couple out there.


Good to see this. I was wondering about it just the other day. My sis-in-law & bro and their 2 kids drink raw milk. My bro is lactose intolerant but since starting w/ raw milk, he's not had any problem. Same for my nephew & sis-in-law. (Niece is only 9 mos old and still breastfed.)

Anyway, thanks for bringing it up! Now I have something to do w/ my time today. :smiley:


name them

name it



Bovine leukemia virus is a cancer-causing microbe in cattle. Just how many cows have it? The US Department of Agriculture reports that nationwide, 89 percent of herds contain cows with BLV. The most infected region is the Southeast, where 99 percent of herds have the tumor-causing bug. In some herds across the country, almost every single animal is infected. A 1980 study across Canada uncovered a lower but none-too-reassuring rate of 40 percent.

BLV is transmitted through milk. Since the milk from all cows in a herd is mixed before processing, if even a single cow is infected, all milk from that herd will have BLV swimming in it. Citing an article in Science, oncologist Robert Kradjian, MD, warns that 90 to 95 percent of milk starts out tainted. Of course, pasteurization ? when done the right way ? kills BLV, but the process isn't perfect. And if you drink raw milk, odds are you're gulping down bovine leukemia virus.

Between dairy cows and their cousins that are used for meat (who tend to be infected at lower rates), it appears that a whole lot of BLV is getting inside us. A 2001 study in Breast Cancer Research detected antibodies to the bovine leukemia virus in blood samples from 77 out of 100 volunteers.

Furthermore, BLV showed up more often in breast tissue from women with breast cancer than in the tissue from healthy women. Several medical studies have found positive correlations between higher intake of milk/beef and increased incidence of leukemia or lymphoma in humans, although other studies haven't found a correlation.

No hard evidence has yet linked BLV to diseases in humans, but do you feel comfortable knowing that cow cancer cells are in your body?

  • "50 things you're not supposed to know" (book)


If Bovine Leukemia is transmittable via virus, and its this wide-spread, why haven't we heard of a plague of cancer among cattle? You'd think with such a dominating presence that there'd at least be some noticeable impact...