Raw milk rules!!!

Hey guys, I went out and got some raw organic grass-fed milk, butter, and cream from a local farm, and this stuff tastes AWESOME! I can’t believe the flavor this stuff has!! And it’s cheaper than the stuff I usually buy at Whole Foods, anyway!!

I’m telling you guys…seek out a source for raw dairy…this stuff is awesome!

Isn’t it illegal in many places?


yea, but how do you know its really organic? i mean is the grass/soil treated?

Doesn’t this stuff carry health risks?


If you buy directly from the farmer, then who’s gonna say anything?

Otherwise, ordering from bigger places you can do two different things:

  1. But it as “pet food” and then drink your pet food (perfectly legal).

  2. You can buy a share in the farm so you own part of the cow. You’re buying the cow, not the milk, and you can drink the milk of your own cows.


It’s a local farm and no the grass is not treated. Why would they treat the grass?? It costs money to do that.

Right Side Up,

When you buy from a local farm that has a clean set up, there is virtually zero risk of illness. The stuff is WAY cleaner than anything you’d buy at the store, not to mention the store-bought stuff likely has crap cooked into it (since the milk doesn’t have to be as clean since they pasturize it).

Raw milk is far healthier than store bought crap.

But you should know that the farmer runs a clean ship. If not, don’t drink it raw.

What kind of fat content are you lookin at with this?

i grew up on raw goat’s milk. healthy stuff for sure.


I don’t know…but I’d guess 8-10g of fat/cup. But why would that matter? Milk like this would have lots of CLA and other good stuff. This isn’t grain-fed crap like at the store…TC wrote an article about this.

Just got in some raw goat’s milk. I got it from White Egret Farm, cost is expensive, but they are Grade A Raw for Retail, so I know its quality stuff. Damn good tasting.

i have a whole foods by me. are you in california?

Nope, not from California. I honestly wouldn’t buy milk from Whole Foods, though. It’s a lot better than stuff from the supermarket, but it’s still pasturized and grain-fed.