Raw milk in this week's issue

Dr. Lowery said this:

“In fact, sometimes I question how “natural” it is to consume another species? milk at all.”

How “natural” is it for humans to eat animal flesh, then? It wasn’t designed for our specific consumption, it’s something that belongs to another animal that just so happens to be good for us, too. Why would milk be any different? If a hunter killed a cow, do you not think that they would drink the milk?

It’s also funny to hear an arugment like that from a person that would consume protein shakes. If you want to justify not consuming milk because it’s “unatural” (even though I explained it above), then you better dump the protein shakes as well! Otherwise, quit using that lame excuse.

Actually, I don’t think he has a problem with unnatural things…that’s the whole point.



Dunno what he thinks, but I have seen that argument many times, and I just think it’s pretty lame.

I think you’re just pissed because two of the smartest nutrition experts in the world just poo-pooed on your favorite subject. Face it, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to raw milk.

congrats on dumbest ass comment ever, davo.

The logic doesnt work, so stfu.

They poo pooed on it cause of a risk of disease. Guess what? You can get diseases from anywhere.

I know where my raw milk comes from. It’s clean.

No offence, but I’d hardly consider Berardi and co the ‘greatest nutritionists in the world’.

The point is, who the hell cares what’s natural or not? If it’s good for you, then it’s good for you and that’s all.

Raw milk is probably quite healthy but a hasstle to get a hold of. Pasteurized milk is probably a mediocre food, especially when skim.

We can only hope advances in genetics will make all this nutrition guessing obsolete at some point in the future.


Oddly enough there is pretty good evidence of lactose tolerance being very important in the survivability of humans in early societies. Don’t harsh me for facts… pay for the Scientific American back issue search online. Look in the Human evolution special edition for this year. I just though it was in interesting note. I will leave you with another… The difference in our dental configuration both osseous and muscular indicates that our diets became far more dependent on foods that were easier to masticate: meats. Fun facts for my vegan pals… [:wink:

Zulu lol

Some people on public forums are too dumb and/or ignorant to argue with.

Why are two heavy hitters disrespecting milk protein? I.e. not recommending it to their clients. Like why, when 99% of all protein supplements are whey or casein (milk) maybe Biotest should go back to the original protein bar… beef jerky


Apparently you’re referring to yourself, as I was the only one to make an argument :wink:

Where did Davo argue anything? I guess he’s too busy kissing the ass of whichever guru is first in line.

The real problem is the lack of evidence on either side. One side says Raw milk is a god send, pasteurized milk has been reduced to nutrionless junk while the other uses equally dumb cliches and rhetoric.


Morg, I’ll agree with anything that lets me get human milk from the sorce.

Me Solomon Grundy

i personally see homogonization as more of a problem healthwise than pasturization. if the people who are rallying for unpasturized milk thought that heat destroyed nutrients, why not the same argument for other beverages that are pasturzed?