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Raw Milk: Fat Left After Skimming?

Hey i had a question my mom buys milk from the farm and then she gets the cream off the top of it. Is thier still fat in the mlik after u get all the visible fat of bacause its not homongized-stired together.So my mom takes the fat off and she says i dont think theres any fat in it after that,well mostly anyways. Is this tru cause raw milk has cla right which in turn actually only suplement that burns fat well lemme know thanks everyone for always getting back to my posts.

I’ve used raw milk myself and yes there is some fat left in after skimming but it’s only like 1 gram per 8 oz.

Negative Conrad, my grammatically challlenged friend, the fat your Mom skims off the top of raw milk is cream. Cream is about 45% butterfat and the milk is around 3.5% butterfat. As an aside, I would not consume non-pasteurized milk (fresh from a farm) because of the tuberculosis risk along with other various food bourne pathogens possibly found in raw milk.
Also, where did you hear CLA was the only supplement that burns fat? I suggest you read up on nutrition in the T-Nation archives and get on the right path.

cleansnatch just to let you know you can pastuerize it yourself, it’s not something that can only be done by “milk companies”