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Raw Milk Any Good?

We have a local farm and my mom picked up some raw milk today. Should I drink that at night with my pshake vs drinking it with fat free regular milk you buy at grocery store? Which one is better for you?

If you choose to drink raw milk it is the best no questions about it. I don’t drink it, but use it to make my own cottage cheese. I also buy commercially made raw milk products like cheese.

Raw milk may contain bacteria that is not present in the commercial milk purchased at the grocery store. This bacteria could potentially harm you (make you sick). Some people swear by raw milk and others swear never to touch the stuff.

Another factor to take into account is if the raw milk from the dairy is similar to whole milk in fat content; do you see some butter-like cream on the top of the bottle? If it is you would be getting a lot of saturated fat as compared to fat free milk. If you have the option of adding an unsaturated fat such as flax oil, Udo’s oil, or even possible olive oil to your PM shake vs. the saturated milk fat your atteries would probably appreciate it in the long run.