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Raw Milk and Organic Foods


I am looking for a place near or around NYC where I can buy raw milk. I've check most organic food stores and they don't carry it. Does anyone in the know have a lead for me?


In indiana you can't buy raw milk but you can join a "cow share" program where you actually own a share of the cow. Search for CSA or cow share. Some of them include shares of the whole farm which will get you produce as well. Good Luck.


aw, i want my own cow :'(.




Google "raw milk and NYC" and see how many you come up with. There are several places here in CT I use, if you want to make a road trip.


I'm in N.J. I have mine delivered by an Organic farm in PA. BUT before that I had it shipped to me from www.organicpastures.com - a CA based farm, EXCELLENT quality but you need to call in your order, rarely do they have time to respond to e-mail.

NOTE: will come frozen 2 Fed-ex, marked for animal consumption (pets). This is the only way they can LEGALLY sell it.