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Raw Lunges and Upcoming Meet (new vid post 10)


Just set a new pb in lunges for reps, and tought i'd share the joy.

6 years ago i was an overworked computer engineer with a fat belly and lifted no weights.

just wanted to share the lifts.. it is what it is all about.

beat oneself all the time!

will enter my first pl meet 5th of april.


Great work and impressive.


So now you are officialy an EX-fat bellied computer engineer. Great work.
Unilateral stuff is tuff work but really works. I guess you probably know about keeping your abs really tight, so I won't remind you. Good luck in your first comp.



Nicely done!


Good job! What sort of results are you hoping for in the first Comp?


i would like to exceed 600kg in total. in -100kg class.

personal bests in training with gear is 250-130-210 = 590kg from november last year.


The progress continues...

170kg raw lunges at bw 95kg.

The meet 5th of april is coming closer and closer. :slight_smile:


nice work and good luck


Holy crap that's some squat... My bench and DL are about 10-15kg off yours but my squat is like 70kg less!! Is that something to worry about? Or is your squat just an exception?? (all my lifts are raw if that makes a difference.)


Video compilation: