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Raw Lifter - Program I Designed.


Here is a progam ive put by myself, need some opinions on it/tweaks and stuff...

day 1
squat - work up to 3 rm/ followed by 3x3 at lighter weight but heavy weight
bench - same as squat

day 2
rest / some light band work

day 3 - all sets the same weight
power clean 5x3
pendlay rows 5-7x3
ab work

day 4

day 5
deadlift 1x3 (Ramping)
overhead press up to heavy 3 reps, back off do 3x3
weighted pull ups 3-4x5-8 reps

day 6 rest

day 7 -
front squats 4x3p
dips 3-4x3
kroc rows 2-3 sets

my current stats :
bench - 100kg x 2 reps (old 1rm)
squat - 150 x 3 (last rep not so nice form)
deadlift - 170x3 (easy could do more)
dips - sets of 3 with 40kg
pull ups- sets of 8 with 20kg
standing press- 70kg
push press - 75kg
pendlay rows-90kg triple
power clean-80kg for triples

if you think my program sucks, well tell me, and punch me into right direction. I would rather NOT use precentage based program as im IMO 2 weak to do so.


You're too weak to do 5/3/1? I squatted ~95 lbs when I started on it and now I'm up to 275. I think there is a good chance it would work for you if you adhere to the program and eat plenty of food.


eh i did 5/3/1 until i got sick lost some of my strength, now im ALMOST back, i just wanted to give myself some more time to builid up ...


It would be smarter to do a program like 5/3/1 that provides steady progression for a while.


Definitely get a better program.

If you're dead set on doing this, I don't see enough volume at all. Just MHO.

Use something that has been proven. I'm all about 5/3/1, but any proven program will suffice.


Good advice by all!! Go with something like 5/3/1 or The Juggernaut Method. I personally prefer the Jugg Method, but both are extremely effective.


thank you all for replys gotta go back to 531 ...:wink: